Here’s my first of many weekly surveys. I’m technically 15-and-a-half weeks now, but it took me a few extra days to get the blog up and running after I originally wrote the post. I may not complete a survey every week, but I’ll try to complete one each week with significant change. 14 weeks marks the start of my second trimester and is consequently a great week to start.

  • How far along are you? 14 weeks
  • What size is baby? 3 inches, roughly the size of a lemon
  • Gender prediction? We will hopefully find out the gender at 21 weeks. I’ve had dreams about a boy, but when I pray I tend to say “she.”
  • Planning a natural or medicated birth? Natural
  • How much weight have you gained? 4 pounds
  • Food cravings: French fries from Chick-fil-A and strawberry smoothies
  • Maternity clothes? I purchased a Bellaband around 12 weeks since I couldn’t button my jeans. It’s been a life saver at work. My Dad also bought me some shirts and a cute maxi skirt that I am looking forward to wearing in a few weeks. My husband finally told me that it’s time for maternity jeans, so H&M here I come.
  • Exercise routine? I need to get back into a routine. I hibernate in the winter.
  • Sleep Habits? I slept incredibly well for the first 11 weeks since I was nauseated during the day, and my mouth tasted like metal. I slept terribly from weeks 11-13. Sleep seems to have gotten better again recently. Thank goodness! I do tend to fall asleep on the couch around 8:30 each night. Micah takes Presley out and turns down the bed which is thoughtful.
  • Best moment of the week? Announcing the pregnancy on Facebook
  • Biggest discomfort of the week? Nose bleeds! I finally bought a humidifier, and that has helped immensely.
  • Weekly wisdom? Worry less about baby’s health because baby is in God’s hands

Also, here are a few pics from the first trimester. The bump is still little, but it’s definitely growing!

BabyBump_4_weeks BabyBump_9_weeks BabyBump_14_weeks

In my next post, I plan to write about the different pregnancy announcements to my husband, our family, and friends. Stay tuned!

With love,