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Gender Predictions

The 20 week ultrasound is on March 25th, Good Friday! I have been looking forward to seeing Baby Sledge again since our 9 week ultrasound. This ultrasound will take a close look at baby’s anatomy to confirm that baby is growing as expected. I am praying for good news and appreciate your prayers as well. Along with the anatomy scan, we will hopefully find out if baby is a girl or a boy! I hope baby cooperates as this is no time for modesty. In preparation for the appointment, here are some of the old wives’ tales regarding gender predictions. I am so curious to see which tales are accurate.


According to these tales, 3 suggest that baby is a girl, 7 suggest boy, and 1 is inconclusive. We also tried the ring test, but the ring didn’t move at all after it was dropped. I myself am on the fence and have flip-flopped over the last four months. Since it’s time for an official guess, I guess girl, and Micah guesses boy. (He really thinks baby is a girl but thinks one of us should be rooting for each.) We are both going to be thrilled either way and hope to find out soon.

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  1. Lacey

    Love it! I wish I had done them. I am officially registering my uneducated opinion as “boy”. Good luck on Friday.

    • lindsaysledge

      Thanks, Lacey! I am so excited for Friday. I almost texted you at work today because I think I felt the baby move. If you still worked with me, it would be 40 hours a week of Baby Sledge updates.

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