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Month: May 2016

29 Week Survey

Here’s the latest weekly survey!

  • How far along are you? 29 weeks
  • What size is baby? The 29 week average is 15.2 inches, 2.54 pounds, and the size of a small cabbage.
  • Gender prediction? We are having a baby boy!
  • Planning a natural or medicated birth? Natural
  • How much weight have you gained? 18 pounds. I think this means I get more ice-cream.
  • Food cravings: Sonic frozen lemonades, chocolate milk, Local Taco, and chocolate chip cookies. 
  • Maternity clothes? Maternity shorts are amazingly comfortable. So many people comment on how hot it will be this summer in my third trimester. I think it’s great, though, because I can dress in layers and wear shorts and tank tops. 
  • Exercise routine? Life has been hectic lately, and I haven’t been walking as often as I’d like. This three day weekend has been so refreshing though, and Micah, Baby, Presley, and I have been taking family walks at Ellington Agricultural Center. 
  • Sleep Habits? During week 27, I was averaging 4-5 hours a night. It was miserable and stress induced. Presently, I am so tired, I am sleeping quite well again. I’ve even fallen back into the habit of falling asleep on the couch at 8:30pm. God bless my husband who has no room on the couch.
  • Best moment of the week? I went to see Captain America: Civil War in the movie theater, and I drank a cherry icee. Between the sound effects and sugar, Baby moved and kicked for the entire film. It was the closest I get to snugs with him right now, and it was a really sweet time.
  • Biggest discomfort of the week? Yeast infection. Yes, TMI, but keeping it real here.
  • Weekly wisdom? A co-worker once told me, “Don’t stair at the stairs, just step up the steps.” Granted, literally and figuratively stepping up steps is harder when you’re pregnant, but sometimes it’s all you can do to make it through each day.

Here’s the latest bump pic!


With love,



It has been a while since I posted an update to the blog! My sincerest apologies. Remember my post about waiting? I miss the waiting. Life is now a whirlwind of change, and I am struggling to keep up. But keep up I will! These are exciting times, and I am thankful to God for delivering Micah, Baby, Presley and me through each day. I am going to summarize the big events over the last few weeks. Let’s get started!

House Hunt: Micah and I have been on the house hunt since February. The market in Nashville is hot, particularly in the good elementary school zones. We put in offers for two houses, and neither worked out. Major bummers. Our realtor reached out one day regarding a house with a Coming Soon sign in the front yard, and the next 36 hours were the fastest 36 hours of my life. Our realtor drove by the house for a pre-showing, allowed us to FaceTime to view the house, and advised that Micah and I put in an offer sight unseen! We did put in an offer, contingent upon a walkthrough within the next 24 hours. This was incredibly spontaneous and seemingly reckless behavior for Micah and me since we spend hours deliberating most decisions.

The next day, Micah and I checked out the house at lunch. It is a 1960s ranch and needs a little love, but it’s beautiful and unique and in the area of town we’ve been hoping to move into. There is a slight catch to this house because it sits right in front of a train track. The train is pretty awesome, though, and we were amazed watching it race right behind our backyard fence. After viewing the house, we waited to hear back from the seller regarding our offer. We were unable to talk to our realtor when he reached out that night. Reason being, Micah and I have led a church home group for the last three years, and this was the night of our last meeting as leaders! We’re stepping down in the fall since Baby will be here. Point being, we prayed our final group prayer, and seconds after the prayer ended, our realtor sent us the following message: “One word: ACCEPTED.” It was the most incredible timing, and Micah and I both feel that it was God’s way of reassuring us that he was behind the decision. We’re currently in the process of closing, and it’s hectic and busy and expensive and wonderful. We are so thrilled to close in a few weeks, and we praise God for his provision. Here’s a pic of the house:

House Exterior

Trip to VA: The same week we went under contract on the train house, we drove 12 hours to Virginia to celebrate my youngest sister as she graduated college. I am so proud of Hannah and her hard work over the last four years! Here is a pic from her big day:

Hannah Graduation

The day after the graduation, my sister Lauren threw me a Baby shower! It was filled with great food and fun games. Thanks to everyone who came out to shower Baby Sledge with love. Here are some pics from the shower:

VA Baby Shower

Work: Micah and I drove back to Nashville and were back to work bright and early the next day. This brings me to the final big event over the last few weeks: the resignation of my boss and another team member. After the house contract and trip to VA, I was not prepared for any additional upheaval in life. Needless to say,  I didn’t handle the news well and left work early. Sometimes a pregnant lady just needs sleep.

It’s currently Memorial Day, and I am at home packing, choosing paint colors, and relaxing. I will post a pregnancy survey next. Thanks for reading!

With love,



25 Week Survey

I am 25 weeks pregnant! Oh my goodness, I literally cannot believe how soon Baby will be here. I am so excited to meet him, to see his face, and to hold him close. I am also hoping he stays nice and cozy until right around 40 weeks so that he stays healthy and Micah and I can get the housing situation figured out. Here’s the latest weekly survey.

  • How far along are you? 25 weeks
  • What size is baby? I’ve decided to use head to heel measurements moving forward since this is standard after 20 weeks. The 25 week average is 13.5 inches, 1.5 pounds, and the size of a rutabaga.
  • Gender prediction? We are having a baby boy!
  • Planning a natural or medicated birth? Natural
  • How much weight have you gained? 16 pounds, right on track.
  • Food cravings: Watermelon, star crunches, pork chops, popcorn, tomatoes, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, fruit smoothies, and ice cream. When I get hungry, I tend to crave a random assortment of foods all at once. Don’t worry though, just because I crave the foods doesn’t mean I’m actually eating the foods.
  • Maternity clothes? Other than some t-shirts which fit snuggly around the bump, I am nearly always wearing maternity clothes or flowy dresses.
  • Exercise routine? I am giving new meaning to The Proclaimers’ lyrics “I would walk 500 miles.” I walk nearly every day and some days several times.
  • Sleep Habits? Sleep is a disaster. Whenever I lay on my sides, Baby starts kicking like crazy, as if I am invading his personal space. I want to sleep on my back, but supposedly this is not recommended for preggie ladies. Consequently, I’ve been sleeping sitting up with 3 pillows behind my back and 1 beneath my knees. I wake up every few hours, and I actually think I’m starting to bother Micah who normally doesn’t hear anything when he sleeps.
  • Best moment of the week? Watching and feeling Baby kick. I think he’s a ninja in training.
  • Biggest discomfort of the week? While I’m quoting songs, in the words of Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part.”
  • Weekly wisdom? Enjoy this time with Baby! Though I’m starting to feel some aches and pains, I need to remember that this is a unique time in life and will soon be over. I love carrying Baby each day. We listen to music, I tell him about Jesus and his Daddy and Presley, and he gives me lots of kicks. Praise God for this miracle of pregnancy.

Here’s the latest bump pic.


With love,


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