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31 Week Hospital Stay

This weekend has certainly not gone as planned. What I thought would be a weekend of moving preparation and birthing classes has turned into a weekend of monitoring at the hospital and sleeping through birthing classes. Why?

On Friday afternoon, I took Presley on his afternoon walk like I’ve done hundreds of times before. We turned a corner, and Presley saw an animal that I did not see. When I walked left, he bolted right. I didn’t realize what had happened until I was lying on the ground, and he was trying to drag me since my hand was caught around the leash. After yelling for him to stop pulling, I got up and realized that my entire right side hurt (arm, ribs, knee), and I had a weird feeling in my lower belly. I didn’t think it was serious, but I called the doctor, and she advised that I check into the hospital for four hours of monitoring.

On the way to the hospital, Micah asked if I wanted dinner. I told him no, that we’d be out in four hours, and I could eat then. This was a poor decision.¬†We got to the hospital, it took about an hour to get checked in, and then the nurse hooked me up for monitoring. There were two monitors: one for baby’s heartbeat and one for my contractions. Baby looked great on the monitor, and praise God for that. My uterus looked irritable. This basically means I was having some minor contractions and fluctuations that could be signs of 1) a placental abruption or 2) preterm labor. After an hour, the nurse informed me that they’d have to admit me overnight for monitoring. She also said I couldn’t eat and would have to be hooked up to an IV. Ugh. Not the news I was expecting.

It was a long night, and I got very little sleep. Micah got a bit more, but he was out and about until midnight grabbing shower stuff and a change of clothes for the morning. He also took Presley on his last walk and got him set up with our friend, Lauren, who graciously offered to dog sit at the last minute. It was sweet hearing Baby’s heartbeat throughout the night, but he did not like the monitors and kept trying to kick them off. He also kept having hiccups which are cute but difficult for me to sleep through.

When morning arrived, I felt ok and asked to be discharged in time for our 9am labor and delivery class. The doc decided this was ok since I would still be at the hospital for a few more hours in case there were any problems. Getting discharged was such a relief, and I definitely had an adrenaline kick. Sadly, about an hour into the birthing class, the adrenaline wore off, I started to feel very achy from the fall, and I slept on and off through the class. I’m glad Micah was there to take notes.

I am now at home and in bed. I’ve been napping, Micah has been packing, and we’re both a bit stressed. We are so thankful that little man is doing well, and we’re really hoping that he stays healthy and cozy until at least 37 weeks. The bright side of the hospital visit is that I met many of the labor and delivery nurses, all of whom were kind and cheery. While I’m not hoping to visit again until the big day, I am less nervous about the hospital stay than I was previously.

Here’s a pic from when I was originally admitted, before I knew I’d have to stay at the hospital for the entire night.

ER Pic

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  1. Nicole

    Sorry to hear this! Glad you’re doing better! What hospital are you delivering at?

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