Dear Denver,

I’ve officially been your mama for one month now, and it has been an experience! I knew next to nothing about babies before becoming your mama. For instance, you are the first baby whose diaper I’ve changed! I now am a champion diaper changer, except when you surprise me with waterfalls. I can swaddle, not quite as smoothly as your dad, but well enough to keep you warm and comfortable. I know how to take care of an umbilical cord, and I know that it shouldn’t ooze for weeks or it will have to be cauterized. Further, you and I have made it through our first month of breastfeeding. You have definitely not made it easy on me since you only like to lay on your right side, and due to some latch issues early on, I had to take two rounds of antibiotics for Mastitis. I’m still working with you, though, and I pray we make it to six months!


You are a snuggle bug. When you first came home, I tried to consistently put you to sleep in your bassinet for naps. Some days this worked really well. Around three weeks, though, you decided that you prefer napping in my arms. After one incredibly fussy day, I gave in. I now struggle to let you nap in your bassinet at all since you’re so sweet sleeping in my arms. I don’t get quite as much done around the house, but you’re only little for so long, and I’m going to enjoy the peaceful moments when I can. Besides, your startle reflex is still intense, and you flail much less often when you’re being held. Dad is also enjoying the nap time snugs on weekends, and watching him hold you is basically the sweetest sight in the world.


You are on mitten patrol, little man! Goodness, every time I turn my back, you scratch your face and it bleeds. You even scratched your eye! The pediatrician assures me this will heal, but I’m still waiting.


Speaking of the pediatrician, you scream at every appointment for the duration of the appointment. What gives? It would appear that you’ve inherited my anxiety in doctor’s offices. Luckily, your pediatrician is a pro and doesn’t panic like your mama during the freak outs.


You love to stretch. When you wake up in the morning and stretch, your face turns red, your neck leans all the way back, your arms and legs extend completely, and you get this goofy grin on your face. Sometimes you decide to stretch while I’m moving you from the bassinet to the changing table, and I am afraid you will jump out of my arms since you are able to move in ways I didn’t realize were possible. Also, you are a pooping machine, and I think it’s hilarious to watch you. Beforehand, you get a very serious look on your face, so I nearly always know what you’re thinking about. You even had projectile poop one early a.m. while your dad was changing you. Dad doesn’t think this is funny, but I do. A little water bug, you love bath time. This is hilarious because you hated spot baths in the sink. Twice a week we set up your baby bathtub, Dad pours water over you, and you grow very still and calm, quite the contrast from your usual wiggly self.


Parenthood has been a tough adjustment for Dad and me. Your soft spot caves in sometimes which is terrifying to watch, it’s taken the entire month to learn how to calm you down when you’re especially upset, and sleep deprivation is no joke. Your dad wakes up with me throughout the night to give you a bottle while I pump since we’re still working on your latch, so we are both very tired parents. We’re finally adjusting, and we are so thankful that you’re part of our family. You have your own shelf in the bathroom, and it makes me smile when I see it each day! Your dad and I pray for you in the evenings before placing you in bed, we sing “Jesus Loves Me,” and we look forward to the day when you will be praying and singing with us.

I love you, Denver, my little dude man. Happy one month!


With love,