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Two Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy 2 months little man! You are growing so quickly. Can you believe that you now weigh 13 lbs? You are also long, 25 inches, which is the 98th percentile! I am not surprised considering that you have Browning genes. It is super funny, though, when people ask how old you are since you look quite a bit older than 2 months. You’ve finally outgrown your newborn clothes and are wearing 3-6 month outfits, and I’ve enjoyed the transition since the new clothes are too cute!


10 points to Gryffindor!

You have finally started to smile! Good grief. Babies are supposed to smile by 8 weeks, and you waited so long I started to get worried. You’re a bit of a grumpy kid, Denver, so when you do smile it lights up the room. When we were at the pediatrician this week, you were screaming, per usual. All of a sudden, you stopped screaming and gave Dad and me the biggest, goofiest grin. I have no idea why you were so upset or what caused you to become so happy. It is a hilarious memory now.

First smile on camera

First smile on camera

While at the pediatrician, you survived your 2 month shots. You cried during the shots, which took about 30 seconds, and stopped immediately when Dad picked you up. After, you spent the afternoon sleeping in my arms and moaning. It was so sweet and pitiful. 24 hours later, you were back to your usual wiggly self, and now you should be safe from many scary diseases!

Grumpy face at pediatrician

Grumpy face at pediatrician

This month you started to enjoy reading. A few times each day, we sit in the rocking chair and read together. My favorite books to read to you are Go, Dog. Go! and A Fly Went By. Dad and I are still working on making reading a part of your bedtime routine because you tend to be fussy in the evening. On the bright side, you are sleeping 5-7 hour stretches on a consistent basis. Praise God! The biggest struggle right now is 4-6am when you kick around playfully in your bassinet for 2 hours. I am not sure what to do except wait out this phase since you’re not hungry, messy, or upset during this time. You’re simply awake.

Bassinet fun

Bassinet fun

Right around 6 weeks, Dad and I took you to Edwin Warner Park for family pictures. I wasn’t sure how you’d behave, since lately you’ve been fussy around 11am, but you were a champ. You only cried a bit, cooperated during tummy time, and even took a nap so the photographer could capture your sweet little hands and feet. I love that there are such cute pictures capturing the newborn phase of your life. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them and sharing them with your family one day.

Family Picture Day

Family Picture Day – Chillin in the sun

Dad imitating your grumpy face

Dad imitating your grumpy face

Looking at Mama

Looking at Mama

Family bonding

Family bonding

Denver, I love being your mama. The first month of your life felt like survival mode. This second month has been a delight. Stay little for as long as possible.


With love,



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  1. Grammie

    Grandpa reads this first – he is so anxious to hear about his GGson and today he woke me from nap to tell me about new blog up!!! So I immediately got up and came upstairs to read for myself – we get very excited to hear of Denver and can’t wait to see the big little fellow!!!

    GGrammie and GGrandpa

  2. Brenda Sledge

    Sweet pictures! Denver will appreciate all that you have written about him one day.

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