Dear Denver,

Happy 4 months, little dude. This has been a big month for you. Where to begin? For starters, you learned how to roll over. It was amazing! For an entire week, nearly every time I’d put you on your play mat for tummy time, you’d roll over! It was hilarious because you always looked confused after you landed on your back. See below for a video of your first roll:


Lately you won’t roll from your tummy to your back very often, but you will roll from your back to your side. I think you’ll put all the steps together soon, and I can’t wait to watch!

You are so talkative now. Not only do you have very loud conversations where you kick your legs to show off, but you also have very quiet conversations, particularly during nursing. You take a break, look at me, and let out little coos. Seriously, these moments warm my heart. Also, your favorite word is “stinky,” and it makes you laugh when I say it. Check out this video:


Sometime during the middle of the month, you went through a major growth spurt. There were all these adorable sports onesies that fit perfectly one day, and the next day when I dressed you, it looked like you were sporting a v-neck since the onesies were too short. Thank goodness Nanny and Pappy bought you some winter clothes sized 6-9 months. You’d be walking around naked if not for their generosity. 😉


Bear overalls from Nanny


Sweats from Pappy

Since you’re likely to play sports in the future, I’m taking every opportunity to introduce you to some of the greats. This month you met Tennessee Titan, Jurrell Casey! He was incredibly friendly, and when he held you, I couldn’t help but laugh at the size difference.


Meeting Jurrell Casey

Sleep is the biggest story this month. Right around 3 months, you slept THROUGH THE NIGHT twice. You were still in the bassinet in our bedroom, and it was shocking. Daddy and I ridiculously tried to move you to the crib around this time, and you were not a happy camper, waking up every two hours all night long. Consequently, we gave up and moved you back to the bassinet. Unfortunately, after the growth spurt, you officially outgrew the bassinet and started unswaddling yourself and waking up every few hours all night long. While Daddy can sleep through the squirming, I cannot. So near the end of the month, after being so tired I literally felt sick, Daddy and I moved you to the crib, unswaddled. This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and I am still astounded. We placed you in your crib, and you were upset on and off for two hours, from 7-9pm. Daddy would check on you and comfort you, and finally you dozed off. You woke up once to eat, around 12:30am, and then you slept until 7am! This was not a fluke either. You are consistently sleeping peacefully from 7:30pm until 7:00am, waking only once to nurse. Praise God! I am so proud of you, thankful that we are all getting rest, and relieved at how easily you transitioned from bassinet to crib. Clearly you just needed more room to stretch out at night.

Aunt Lo came to visit for Thanksgiving, and we all loved her company. She calls you her little buddy and snatches you up every chance she gets. You think her funny faces are hilarious, and you enjoy sitting in her lap and sneaking glances at the tv. While in town, she helped decorate for Christmas and tried to work through your bottle strike. That’s right, little dude, your personality is much more vibrant now, and you’ve decided that there are things you like and don’t like. You drank a bottle perfectly from week 1 and have now decided it’s the enemy. I bought you a new bottle, left the room while Daddy tried to feed you, tried to feed you myself, and you still refuse to happily take a bottle. The minute you see one, you throw a tantrum, tears and all, for 30 minutes or so. This has been super stressful because you and I are currently together 24/7. Hopefully you’ll change your mind soon, though, or else we’re gong to start bottle boot camp until you get back on track.


Chillin with Aunt Lo

On a sappy mama note, this month it hit me that you are not going to be little for much longer. The newborn stage seems to be over. You play with toys now, sit up with very little help, and no longer need to be bounced to sleep. I sneak into your room during naps to hold you, and I watch videos of your laughs in the evenings after you’ve gone to sleep. You’ve grown so much since Daddy and I brought you home from the hospital, and I am amazed at all the changes over the last 4 months.

Carseat on the way home from the hospital

Carseat on the way home from the hospital

Carseat at 4 months

Carseat at 4 months

It’s now Christmastime, a beautiful season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As I hold you in my arms, I am more thankful than ever for God’s gift to the world. Thank you, Denver, for being such a tangible reminder of God’s goodness and love each day.

Happy 4 months!

With love,