Dear Denver,

Six months ago, you were teeny tiny, very fragile, and we honestly didn’t know each other very well. Now you are one of the tallest babies your age, incredibly durable, and we are best buds! I love that you play with me now. You mimic sounds that I make, dance in sync to my piano playing, and think it’s hilarious to stick your hand in my mouth so that I pretend to bite it! You also adore Daddy. When he comes home from work each evening, your face lights up, you reach out for him, and you play until bedtime. I am enjoying watching you two bond, and I can’t wait to see your friendship grow over the years.

Silly snugs with Mama

Lounging with Dad

This has been a month of significant growth. To begin with, you mastered the art of rolling. You roll from front to back, back to front, and side to side. If I lay you on a rug on the floor, I cannot leave the room longer than 30 seconds, because you often roll off the rug, onto the hardwood, and into all sorts of mischief. You especially enjoy rolling in your crib. You roll around so much that I had to purchase crib bumpers since you kept sticking your legs through the crib slats and getting stuck.

Before bumpers

After bumpers

Regarding your crib, you are now sleeping through the night! It helps that you are now able to sleep on your tummy. You sleep for 11-12 hours straight, and it is glorious! Around 5.5 months, you were only waking up once to nurse, around 5am, and I figured you could make it all the way to 7am. So when you woke up, I would go into your nursery, place my hands on your chest or back, say “shhh,” and then walk out. I repeated this every ten minutes until you fell back asleep. You’d cry for about a half hour and then sleep until 7am. Sleep training took about four nights, and it was so worth it. I was worried about letting you cry it out, but sometimes a mom has to trust her instincts. I felt that you were ready for this transition, and you definitely were. Dad and I are so relieved that you are sleeping so soundly.

Sleeping on your tummy, with your butt in the air. You are hilarious!

Another big development this month is that you’re sitting up on your own! Denver, you wanted absolutely nothing to do with sitting when I tried to help. Once you figured out how to sit up on your own though, you’ve been delighted. It’s much easier to play with toys when you can look about, reach with both hands, and grab anything (and everything) in sight.

Speaking of grabbing everything in sight, you’re a danger at the dinner table. Daddy and I call you Judge Sledge because you grab your toys and slam them into your high chair tray, simply to hear the sounds the toys make. It’s pretty hilarious. At the end of dinner you want to be held, so Dad and I let you sit in our laps. We have to move all glasses, plates, silverware, and napkins far from you, though, because you’ve got quick hands.

When you’re not slamming toys into your tray, you’re eating food like a champ! You eat oatmeal in the mornings and vegetables in the evenings. Though you seem ambivalent towards oatmeal, you love vegetables, especially peas, and you always seem hungrier for more. We’ll start meats and fruit soon, and maybe even some teething biscuits! You’re definitely in need of the teething biscuits because your third tooth has arrived and your fourth tooth is about to make its debut! What a sweet smile you have, little dude.

Wishing you had a burger

This month, your Dad and I celebrated your baby dedication at church. It was sobering to stand before the congregation, promising to raise you in a Christian home, to teach you about the Lord, and to help you grow in your faith. There is nothing more important to me as a mom than to raise you to know the Lord, and I promise to do my best to help and encourage you in your faith. I hope that you will open your heart and choose to follow Jesus one day. I am thankful for a loving church home that will surround you with sound teaching and godly friendships. Here is a picture from your dedication. What a beautiful beginning to your testimony.

Denver, I am so thankful for your life. You are a handsome, joyful little boy, and Dad and I could not be more delighted that you are our son.

Happy six months, little dude.

With love,