Dear Denver,

Hey! Hey is officially your first word. Every morning when you wake, you shout “Hey!” to let Dad and me know that you’re ready to play. It’s pretty adorable, even if it happens around 6:3oam. You also said “Dah-Da” for one day this month, while looking at Dad. It was amazing. Then suddenly, you stopped saying it. I am not sure what that’s about, but feel free to start saying it again soon!

Cute little overalls!

I was thrilled with your crawling skills last month, but this month I am shocked! You are so fast. The inchworm crawl is no more, and you’re legit crawling on all fours.

Crawling under the piano

Sadly, with your newfound speed, you’ve developed a short attention span. You’re less interested in toys and more interested in furniture and Presley’s water bowl. Since I can’t seem to keep you out of the water, I set up a little water station for you to play in. The water went everywhere, but it was totally worth the mess to see you learning and exploring and having such fun.

Along with crawling, you’re also pulling up! The pulling up is terrifying to me. I know you have to learn, but it is so stressful watching you get into tricky situations. Your fascination with the piano bench is particularly alarming. It has sharp corners, can easily pull over, and is at baby eye level. Perhaps I need to put it out of sight for the time being.

Standing in the pack n play

You’re taking short naps again, which is a bummer, but it allows us to attend Mother Goose Moments at the library on Monday mornings. It’s so fun! Mrs. Donna sings, reads, and teaches sign language to a room full of kiddos. You sit quietly, very perplexed, taking it all in. After story time, we play for a bit, and then we pick out books! This has become one of my favorite routines.

Playing at the library

We always end our library visit with a trip to the park. Oh my gosh, I wish I’d taken you to the park sooner. You LOVE swinging. Every time I put you in a swing, your face lights up.

First time in a swing at the park!

Along with swinging at the park, I let you play in the grass for the first time. Your first impression was that grass has a weird texture. Now that you’ve adjusted, you think grass is quite interesting, so interesting that you often try to eat it!

Playing in the grass

We visited the zoo with Aunt Brooke this month. You were very serious, uncertain as to why there were so many people hanging around. You thought the goats were interesting, and your favorite animal was a colorful little bird in the aviary. This bird was very interested in your diaper bag, and he even nibbled on the handle. I placed you on the floor, and the bird danced right in front of you! When we left the aviary, we noticed a sign on the door stating that this bird is new to the exhibit, still learning manners, and that we should ignore him! Whoops! We may have encouraged some poor behaviors, but we sure had fun interacting with him.

Checking out the animals in the petting zoo

Along with a beautiful sunny day at the zoo, there was a snow day this month. You apparently take after your mama and are not a fan of the cold. Since the snow was so minimal, we were still able to enjoy a fun lunch with Aunt Lindsey. You definitely turned on the charm for her.

Stinky snow face

Smiling at Aunt Lindsey

Denver, you’re adorable. You are also intense. Temper tantrums are in full effect. You’re screaming so loudly over naps, bottles, and diaper changes, that you are rupturing blood vessels in your face. It’s alarming. I called the pediatrician, and he said I should ignore you when you’re acting out. The advice is easier said than done, but I’m trying my best to keep you calm and not give in. I love you and hope you’ll grow out of this season soon.

Here is your 8 month pic! I tried so hard to get you to smile, but you were not thrilled about laying on your back when you could be crawling and standing. So, this will have to do! I’m sure we’ll laugh about it one day.

With love,