Dear Denver,

Happy 9 months little dude! I cannot believe that you’ve been on the outside as long as you were inside. So much has happened over the last 9 months, and it’s amazing to realize how many unseen changes occurred during pregnancy. God is so good and unique and creative and wonderful.

How handsome are you in this baseball uniform?!!

This month we explored Nashville. We spent a lovely day at Cheekwood. Thanks to Aunt Lindsey for the yearly pass! While I enjoyed the pretty flowers and walking paths, you loved watching the toy trains. The track is pretty epic, and it was fun to show you how trains move since you normally only see the top of trains running behind our fence each day.

We also pretended to be Titans for the day at Sports Fest at Nissan Stadium. It was awesome. We played on the field, explored the locker room, and took a picture with the Easter Bunny. I still cannot believe the field was open for families to enjoy for a few hours. What a cool experience.

You had so much fun with Daddy at Sports Fest!

Speaking of the Easter Bunny, we celebrated your first Easter! You were a bit too young to appreciate Christmas this year, so Easter felt like your first true holiday experience. Dad and I made you an Easter basket which you opened Sunday morning. It was adorable watching you pull things out of the basket, and you especially enjoyed your new books! We went to church, and you were dressed in Dad’s old Easter outfit, sewn by your great grandmother! What a fun day as a family, what a joyful day to celebrate the life of Christ. I love Easter and hope you will grow to love it as well.

This month, you finally figured out how to eat finger foods. I am relieved. In prior months, you choked when I gave you anything but bread and Mum Mums to eat. Oranges seemed to help reduce your gag reflux. Once you learned how to eat oranges, you moved onto apples and carrots. I’m thrilled and excited to introduce you to many new foods next month.

You always share your food with me. Here you are offering me some oranges. How sweet!

You’re close to walking now, little buddy! You can stand on your own for a few seconds, pull up on just about anything (including walls), and can even cruise with a walker. You get so mad when Dad and I try to guide your walker around the house to prevent you from running into things and getting stuck. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve gone from rolling to crawling to cruising. I am ready for you to master standing and walking on your own, because you fall a lot right now. Three days in a row you fell and hit your head in the same spot, stressing out your Mama. I know this is part of the learning experience, though, so I am doing my best to guide you and also give you space. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

You seriously pulled yourself up to play the piano!

Separation anxiety has started rather suddenly. When we’re out in public and people smile, you cry! You stick out your bottom lip, and crocodile tears stream down your face. You don’t like when I leave you in the church nursery, and you had an intense sleep regression. Not only were you waking up in the middle of the night, but you were also pitching hour long fits before naps and bedtime. Basically, you want to be held 24/7. Goodness, I am relieved that the sleep regression has ended. The separation anxiety does not seem to be easing up though. I am enjoying the extra snugs. You tend to play with your toys for a few minutes and then crawl over and climb in my lap.

Attached at the hip

Helping you fall asleep

When you’re in my lap, it’s story time. You open the books, turn the pages (a bit roughly sometimes), and babble as I read. It seems like you’re reading the stories to me! Since we read so much, you’ve actually learned to say “book.” It sounds like “buh-ook” or “ook,” and it’s the cutest. If we’re playing in your room and I ask you to get a book, you’ll go over to your shelf and pick out a book to read. If you’re playing in your pack-n-play and I ask you to pick up a book, you do! How cool that you 1) know what a book is and 2) can say the word! I am so proud of you!

Denver, I love you. I love you so much. So does Dad. And Jesus. Please remember this always. You are incredibly loved.

Happy 9 months!

With love,