Dear Denver,

Happy 10 months! This was one of my favorite months with you. You’ve learned so many words, and we are able to communicate during the day. You say, “hey,” “mama,” “dada,” “book,” “stinky,” “dog,” “light,” and “tree!” You also point and say “this is” anytime you want to know the name of an object. It amazes me how curious you are about the world around you, and it’s adorable listening to you mimic words in your sweet little baby voice.


Speaking of the world around you, you seem to be one with nature. I call you Pocahontas. Dad and I bought you a water table, and you love playing with it in the afternoons. Often the wind is blowing. Whenever you feel the breeze, you look up at the trees, hold an object in the air, and say “tree.” I love watching you enjoy the outdoors, and I’m thankful for the warm, sunny weather.

Feeling the breeze

You’re a smart kiddo. You learned to clap this month. You also discovered that objects have┬átops, bottoms, and sides. For instance, you are now aware that the bed has edges, and you can fall off if you are not careful. It is so funny watching you crawl to one side, peer over the edge. and crawl back to the other side. You also can find objects that fall underneath furniture. You get down on your belly and crawl under furniture to retrieve toys. Super cute. Because of your understanding of objects, you have an intense love for peekaboo. You hold blankets in front of your face, duck down below the edge of your pack n play, pop up over the back of the couch, and even move beyond view of the iPhone camera to play peekaboo. You don’t yet know how to say peekaboo, but occasionally you yell “stinky” which is hilarious.

The progression of a clap!

After what has felt like a never ending bottle strike, you’ve decided that you are willing to drink from sippy cups. In fact, you love it! You love sipping water in the afternoons, after we play outside, and you’re great about tipping the cup back to drink. What a relief! Along with drinking water, you’ve tried many new foods this month. While bread is your absolute fave, grapes are a close second. The more sour the grapes, the better! As much as you love grapes, you were not thrilled with the lemon you tried. Your faces were priceless, but Dad and I won’t feed you any more lemons anytime soon.

Lemon faces

Speaking of avoiding foods, you appear to have a peanut allergy. I put less than a teaspoon of peanut butter on an apple slice. You mashed it all over your face and put the tiniest bit in your mouth. Within a minute, you started to cry. Within 5 minutes, you’d broken out into hives all over your face, were making weird motions with your tongue, and started coughing. I called the pediatrician, and once they heard you coughing, they advised me to call 911. A fire truck and ambulance showed up and whisked us both to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. You were fine, but we now have an EpiPen, Benadryl, and an appointment with an allergist scheduled soon.

Clockwise from top left: trip in the ambulance, happy to see Daddy, flying around the ER, playing with monitors

On a more positive note, your Nanny and Aunt Lo came to visit this month! We had so much fun. With Nanny, we visited The Loveless Cafe, and you tried your first bits of bacon! We walked around Cheekwood and were nearly attacked by geese. We also played with chalk for the first time, and you tried to eat it!

Clockwise from top left: Loveless, Cheekwood, chalk art, snugs

With Aunt Lo, we visited the zoo and were also nearly attacked by geese! We walked to the park, visited the Loveless again, and played tag around the house. You absolutely love when Aunt Lo chases you, and you smile whenever she’s around.

Clockwise from left: getting ready for the zoo, swinging at the park, blowing bubbles at the park, playing with chalk

Happy 10 months Denver! You are such a handsome, talkative, giggly little man. What a joy to spend each day with you.

With love,