Dear Denver,

Little man, you are so loved! Toddlerhood is a great stage for you, and the last six months have been my favorite so far. You have grown from a baby into a little boy, and I am so thankful to watch you learn and play each day.

My handsome boy

Let’s start with music. You are a dance machine! When you hear music, you cannot sit still. You wave your arms, kick your feet, spin in circles, and have invented quite a few impressive dance moves. The most original is what your Dad affectionately named the “stanky arm.” I have never met someone who loves to dance as much as you, and I love that it’s such an important part of your personality. Along with dancing, you love playing the piano, harmonica, and train whistle. You will even do hand motions to songs like “Baby Bumblebee.” Our house is very loud and full of joy since music is playing all day long.

I wish this were a singing pic, but you’re really just being crazy.

You have so many words now! “Clock” is probably your favorite, followed closely by the phrase “Oh no!” You can recognize the letters “a,” “c,” and “o” as well as the numbers “five” and “six.” You also know many animal noises, and it’s adorable watching you sound like an elephant, horse, owl, and dinosaur. You can even name numerous body parts, including your heart and butt!

Being cute in the kitchen

This should come as no surprise, but you’re fast on your feet, climbing everything in sight. This is both fascinating and frustrating. I love watching you climb ladders and chairs and stairs. I do not enjoy prying you off the back of couches, the kitchen table, and any other dangerous items you so quickly scale. Seriously, I cannot take my eyes off of you.

On top of the kitchen table

Your Aunt Lo moved to Nashville this summer, and she is basically your best friend. When she comes over to play, you run to the door and grab her hand and take her to your newest toy. She walks you around the neighborhood, letting you explore, and she has bought some of your favorite toys, including an art easel and bubbles. I love watching the love you both have for each other. The laughter is contagious.

Aunt Lo bought you the Star Wars shirt.

You are incredibly mechanical. Aunt Lo always tells me to keep tools away from you because you’ll tear apart the house. I think she’s right. You have a knack for finding how furniture and appliances are put together, and you use your tools to pretend to work on everything. You even help Dad with small projects around the house because you understand how screwdrivers and hammers work. It’s incredible to watch you think and process information. Truly, you amaze me.

Helping Dad set up some shelves

You are not the biggest fan of new experiences. You played in snow for the first time, and it lasted about 15 minutes. Next year, I’ll try to get you some actual snow gear so you’re not as cold. You also took swim lessons. During the first lesson, you were the screamer in the pool, crying and shivering, and it was really pitiful to watch. By the last lesson, you were dragging Dad to get in the pool with you, chasing all the fish around, and blowing bubbles in the water. It was an amazing transformation, and I’m grateful that we took lessons!

We traveled to Virginia again, this time for Christmas! It was a quick trip, and honestly one of the easier ones. Now that you eat all solid food, we didn’t have to pack any bottles or baby food. We spent much time with Great Grammie and Grandpa, and you had lots of fun running around their house on Christmas Eve.

Fun times with Great Grammie and Grandpa!

We had some big life events come up over the last six months. The first is that we moved! The train noise was not great for my sanity, so your Dad and I decided to move to Franklin. Our new house is train free, a bit bigger, and we’ve all adapted well. The backyard is quite a bit smaller, more kid friendly, and I enjoy watching you run around the big tree in the afternoons. We also take many walks around the neighborhood, making great use of the sidewalks.

Walking on the sidewalk, so happy

Even though we no longer live by a train, you still wanted to be a train conductor for Halloween!

The bigger news is that you’re about to become a big brother! I know, I can’t believe it either! Little Everett is due at the end of March, and I am so excited to introduce you to each other. I have LOVED having a sister so close in age, and I pray that you will love having a little brother so close in age as well. I pray that you will be best friends, playmates, and companions for your entire lives. You have such a helpful personality, and I know that you will be an amazing big brother.

Dad is training you up to be a big helper.

Denver, you are so loved. Often, in the evenings, you have three adults and two dogs sitting with you during your bedtime routine. Your room is filled with love, and I am thankful for the peaceful routine we’re in right now. Thanks for being such a charismatic kid, for giving hugs, and snuggling up during tv time. Thanks for grabbing my hand and pulling me around the house because you’re so interested in showing me everything that brings you excitement. I love being your Mama, and I cherish these days while you’re still little and full of such physical love.

With love,