Dear Savannah,

Sweet girl, you are here! Savannah Hope Sledge, we are all so thankful to be holding you in our arms. After praying for you long before I knew I was pregnant, and every day of a really hard pregnancy, I am so grateful that you are indeed here, a sweet and snuggly baby girl.

Savannah, you arrived on Friday, November 13, at 9:03pm, 20 inches long and 7lbs, 12 oz. I will tell your birth story one day, but I will skip to the finale here: I had no idea that you were crowning and about to come out until a nurse told me to stop pushing! I was laughing and saying how happy I was to meet you, and out you came, after pushing through only one contraction! I tell people that I laughed you out, because that’s pretty much what happened.

You are absolutely beautiful, with a head full of brown hair and bright blue eyes. Your dad and I are wondering if the hair and eyes will stay those colors or change. What a surprise! You were a bit fussy at the hospital, with some tummy troubles, but you’ve been exceptionally calm at home, for which I am relieved.

Your Dad and I love you so much, as do your big brothers! They fight over who gets to hold you and give you kisses, and they laugh when you poop. You mainly turn your head to one side, so it’s always a battle between which brother sits in your line of sight. It is nice to have helpers loving on you alongside me, even if I have to watch everyone carefully to make sure that you are safe.

This first month has passed quickly, with three kids in the house, three sleep schedules, and nights that blend into days. We’re also in the middle of a global pandemic, so we haven’t had many visitors apart from Aunt Los, Pa and Ru. Thankfully, you’re really good about sleeping from 7pm-4am,, waking to nurse once or twice. Dad and I go to bed at 8:30pm each night to make sure we get sleep since 4-6am is a work in progress.

You are by far my easiest baby. You don’t cry often, are comforted quickly, and love your pacifier, which we’ve named “Wubbie.” When you do get fussy, you will suck on Wubbie and mellow quickly. In the evenings, all it takes is a bath, some jammies, Wubbie, and a ceiling fan, and you become the calmest baby, ready for bed. I nurse you, and sometimes you go to sleep on your own, but often Dad walks you around to settle you. He’s so happy to have a little girl to love, and he’s gone into protector mode from day one.

Savannah, you are such a joy and delight, and we’re so glad you’ve made us a family of five. I enjoyed celebrating your first Thanksgiving, even if you slept through most of it, and I am excited to celebrate your first Christmas in a few weeks. You have the cutest turkey and reindeer outfits, and I love dressing you up in bows.

Stay sweet, snuggly, and calm, baby girl. You are so loved.

With love,