Dear Savannah,

Happy five months to the happiest baby on the block! You are the sweetest baby ever, smiling and laughing from dawn to dusk. You especially enjoy laughing at your brothers, when they slide on a slide, kick a soccer ball, and jump up and shout silly words. Most of your hysterical laughter occurs outside, and I think it’s because you are experiencing sunny, warm days for the first time.

You’ve been my first fall/winter baby, and it’s been a very cold, indoor start to life. You are now sitting up independently, so while the boys run around the yard, we sit on a blanket and play with your toys. Our dog, Presley, enjoys laying next to you in the sun. You two are pretty adorable together.

Savannah, you are such a chunky baby, my little chunky monkey! You nurse six times a day, and you’ve started oatmeal for breakfast. You keep trying to steal food off of Dad and my plate during dinner, so I think you’re really going to enjoy trying more foods next month.

You are getting stronger and love jumping to music in the jumperoo. Your favorite songs are “Rockin’ Robots,” “I Like to Move It” and “Bust a Move.” You also think it’s hilarious when the boys dance to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” while you jump. I’m enjoying a break from constantly carrying you now that you are sturdier, and the boys are enjoying you more now that you’re upright.

Savannah, you absolutely love your feet. You are constantly playing with your feet and putting them in your mouth. You have two pairs of sock rattles that you love to wear and chew on, and they occupy a good portion of your day. Speaking of chewing, you are teething so hard right now, and anything you touch immediately makes its way to your mouth. The drool is out of control, and it’ll be interesting to see when your teeth appear.

Pappy came to visit for Everett’s third birthday, and you had such fun playing with him! It is always a joy to watch you interacting with others, and it’s especially fun to see Pappy play with you, since it reminds me of my childhood.

Finally, we celebrated your first Easter! I tried so hard to get a picture of you in an Easter basket, but you have outgrown all the baskets we own. Consequently, you look grumpy in the basket picture, and it’s really kind of funny. Easter is extra special to me now that I have children, because I love sharing the news of the greatest gift in the world with you and your brothers.

Happy five months, sweet Savannah girl! We love you so very much and are so thankful for each day with you!