Dear Savannah,

Happy six months baby girl! You are halfway through your first year, and I am so grateful for this milestone. I spent six months of the pregnancy thinking that you might not make it, and here we are six months on the other side. Every time I look at you, I am reminded of God’s goodness and how fitting your middle name is, sweet Savannah Hope.

You have developed a big appetite and love eating solids! You eat oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and veggies for dinner. Your favorite foods are carrots, peas and spinach, and you’re not so keen on fruit. You eat quickly, smack your lips, and make yum sounds. It’s hilarious and adorable. You also love mum mums and devour them while the rest of us are eating meals. It’s so fun that you can join us at mealtime now.

This month we had some big breakthroughs with sleep. You started sometimes sleeping through the night near the middle of the month, so we decided to night wean, and you’ve done beautifully. When you consolidated your nights, you also lengthened your naps. It was a fussy few weeks trying to navigate the three to two nap transition, but after a few weeks of an early bedtime, you’re officially on a two nap schedule. I love this new schedule, and I’m so delighted to be sleeping through the night again myself!

Savannah girl, we are still waiting for your teeth to come in, and we’re also waiting for a breakthrough on rolling. You used to roll tummy to back and back to belly. Lately, you refuse to roll, preferring to lay on your side. I am starting rolling boot camp with you, and I have some ideas to get you moving again. So get pumped, because next month you’re going to roll again!

You are still a sweet, snuggle bear. When you’re upset, all we have to do is pick you up and hold you close. You especially love Dad, and reach for him when he’s in the room. You love to eat his nose, which is so goofy, and you put your hands on his face to see him closely. I love watching you two interact because it’s so affectionate, quite different from your brothers who mainly want to wrestle with Dad.

Finally, we started going to church again this month now that Covid numbers are coming down. It’s a bit crazy sitting with three kids in the pews, and you enjoy talking while the pastor is preaching. It’s joyful and loud, and I am grateful to be around people again. I’m especially enjoying dressing you up in dresses and bows.

Happy six months, beautiful and lovely Savannah! I love you to the moon and back.