Dear Savannah,

Happy 8 months baby girl! Time is flying by, and I can hardly keep up with you and your brothers. This month was another busy one. You learned so many new skills. You love to wave at everyone you meet, and you have the sweetest little princess wave. Everyone smiles when they see you because you engage so easily with people around you!

Mischief making is at an all time high in our house since you started crawling, sitting up from laying down, and pulling up to stand. Seriously, one day you were sitting on the floor happy as can be, and the next day you were on the move. I’m so proud of you and your newfound freedom. Your brothers think it’s adorable to watch you move all over the house, but they miss the days when you would sit in their arms.

Another new development is that you’ve started talking! This month, you’ve said “dada” once, “hi” several times, and “mama” often. Way to show me the love, sweet girl!

Since you’ve learned so many new skills, you’ve had a bit of a sleep regression. Naps are short again, and you’re sometimes waking up at night. I know this is a stage, but I miss those long morning naps and hope we’ll be back to them soon! You’ve been a bit fussy since you’re tired all day long, and I’m a bit fussy as well.

I knew it would happen eventually, but you had your first cold. It hit you and your brothers hard, and it was my first time taking care of three sick kiddos at once. I was thankful to be at home taking care of you each day, and I’m glad that the cold is behind us!

Finally, you are now big enough to fill out the swing in the backyard, and you absolutely love swinging! You especially love when I tickle your toes and boop your nose. I know, it sounds silly, but I promise you that baby Savannah loves my silliness.

Savannah girl, you are so loved. Thanks for being such a happy people person with such a big smile and sweet wave. Your family loves you to the moon and back.