Dear Savannah,

Happy 9 months! I cannot believe that you have been on the outside as long as you were on the inside. You are the snuggliest baby girl, and I am so thankful that we both survived a very long pregnancy. I need to write your birth story, so that’ll be up next, but it was the end of a very hard period for us both, and I so glad that God carried us through it.

This month you have started cruising. You love your walker, the same walker that your brothers used, and you stand up and walk all around the play room. You practice standing on your own and get right back up when you fall down. It’s interesting to watch you practice skills before putting them into action. You are smart and methodical, and it’s fascinating to observe in a person so young.

You’ve added a few new words to your repertoire, including “bye bye,” “all done,” and “yeah.” You are always listening intently and quick to minic what you’ve heard.

You have also added in a very bossy yell to your skillset. I think you get tired of being patient and talked over by the boys. Our house is very loud, at dinner especially, and when you are tired of eating, you start yelling until we pick you up. It’s a bit dramatic, but I love that you can advocate for yourself.

This month you had another cold, and this time Dad and I got sick as well. I think we’re headed for a very long season of colds, and I’m not thrilled about it. I do love the extra baby snugs, even if I could do with sounder sleep at night.

Your absolute favorite things right now are Presley’s dog bowl, which we have to put up so you don’t dump the water everywhere, and the stairs. That’s right, you can easily climb an entire flight of stairs, and we have to keep a close watch on you. Your least favorite things right now are hair bows, diaper changes, and when your brothers don’t share their toys. I am so bummed about the bows, but at least we had a good run!

Last but certainly not least, we took a big trip this month, to Virginia Beach! The boys drove down with Aunt Los, and you and I flew. You were a champion baby on the flights, sleeping for a good portion and flashing smiles during the other portion. You loved meeting your great grandmother, seeing your aunts and uncle, and getting passed around from person to person for an entire week. We visited the aquarium, zoo, beach, and Great Grammie’s pool. You are a super flexible traveler, and your dad and I are so thankful!

Savannah, you are an absolute blast, and I love watching your personality develop a little more each day. You are such a sweetie baby girl. Happy 9 months, my darling!