Dear Savannah,

Happy 10 months to my beautiful baby girl! This was a big month for you! Two days before the 10 month mark you took your first steps. More importantly, it was right at bedtime, so Dad, your brothers, and I all got to watch! We even got you on video, which I’m super happy about. I was wondering all month when you’d get the courage to start stepping, and I’m so proud of you! I still think 9 months is incredibly early to walk, but I am going to enjoy watching your tiny baby steps for the next few months.

Also, you got your two front teeth! They have been ready to arrive for months now, but never came through. I now see why. Sweet girl, you have big teeth, just like your mom! I think your mouth needed to get bigger before the teeth could come in. They are big and beautiful and your smile is just the cutest smile in the world. Nursing has become a bit more challenging, though, so I am glad that it took 10 months for the teeth to arrive.

Sadly, this was another month of sickness for the family. Since the boys are in school, I think colds are going to be the new norm around here. When you are sick, you like to be held all day long. It is very snuggly and also tiring when Dad and I get sick as well.

You are still an eating machine. Your favorite foods this month are oranges, eggs, and dinner rolls. Dad and I are truly shocked about how much food you consume. You are so content at meals, as long as your faves are on your tray. When you get tired of eating, you play peekaboo with the curtains, which is pretty adorable. You also really love drinking water out of sippy cups. You’ve certainly got an independent side to you, which I appreciate.

Savanah girl, you are a sweet, snuggly, wiggle bear. I love your bright, sunny heart and big baby kisses. Keep laughing and growing. You are so loved.