Dear Savannah,

We are closing in on one year, and I can’t seem to make time slow down! I’m both delighted and devastated, if I’m being honest. You are a truly lovely baby, sweet, silly, and so much fun. Baby years are always challenging for parents, and it’s a relief to be nearing your birthday, but I am feeling all the feelings as you are definitely getting bigger each day.

You cut two more teeth this month, bringing your total to six. I still can’t get enough of your toothy grin! You have the biggest cheese face, love smiling ear to ear when I say “silly,” and get this scrunchy nose expression when you’re delighted, which is often.

You are also a walking machine, now. It took about two weeks for it to click, but now you are walking all over the house, running away from us so that we’ll chase you, and getting into lots of trouble! Your baby walk is adorable, and you seem much happier now that you’re able to walk.

Some of your favorite things this month include dancing to Halloween songs, laughing at the “1812 Ofarture” with your brothers, and kissing touch and feel pages of books. You also really love when Dad makes animal sounds, and it’s sweet to watch you two snuggle and laugh together at story time.

One of my favorite things this month is your ability to stick out your tongue and point to your teeth when I ask you to. You have become very interactive, and Dad and I are enjoying watching your interests develop a bit more each day.

I had surgery this month to fix an injury that I got from pregnancy and childbirth, and it has been a hard recovery. Fortunately, Nanny and Pappy took turns visiting to play with you during my recovery. You and Nanny have a special bond, and you enjoyed being snuggled up in her arms for most of her stay. Pappy taught you how to knock down blocks, and you spent a good majority of the time laughing at him.

Savannah girl, I love you to the moon and back. I am so excited to celebrate your birthday next month. You are so beautiful and loved.