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5 Year Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy five years big guy! I can’t event believe I’m writing these words. What a delight it is to celebrate you on your big birthday this year! The last five years have been nothing less than wonderful, and I thank God for you each day.

Denver, you are an incredible a gift to our family. You have an exuberant personality, infectious laugh, and incredible talent for encouraging others. You bring such happiness wherever you go, and it’s a joy to share our days together. You love playing soccer and baseball and superheroes together, and you have also become more independent lately, enjoying drawing, reading, and crafts. I think you take after your dad with your art skills! You love to make lists, write notes, and draw comic books. We are saving so much of your art that I feel like we need an entire closet in the house to devote to it!

Big guy, you are so stinking smart. You say words like “dodecahedron,” recite story books that you’ve only heard once or twice, and have a bit of a photographic memory. You can look at something and remember the detail specifically and recreate it on your own. You are able to think through things that were once complicated, and you are especially good at fending for yourself. For instance, Dad and I put a chain on a door that we wanted you to stay out of. The joke is on us, because you grabbed a hockey stick and used it to nudge the chain off in order to get into the door all by yourself. What a smartie and a bit of a sass, if I’m being honest.

You still love all things sports, and this year you played on your first league sports team. Denver, you are quite the soccer player. You averaged two goals a game, were terrific at playing offensively, and even chose your team name: the Red Hot Superstars! Along with soccer, you also learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Dad wasn’t sure if you were ready, but Aunt Los was certain. We took the training wheels off, and it took about three attempts, and you were on your way! You’ve only had one major fall, but it was a doozy, over the handlebars and onto your head. I am so grateful that you were wearing a helmet!

This summer we spent a lot of time at the pool, and you took swimming lessons. No joke, it took one 30 minute lesson, and you were swimming on your own. I am so proud of how brave you were and how hard you worked in your swim lessons. It was especially fun to watch you dive off of Great Grammie’s pool and swim to the side, completely unassisted. I can’t believe how independent you are becoming!

You have always been a terrific big brother to Everett, and this year we added a baby sister to the crew! Denver, you adore Savannah, and you have a really soft and tender side with her! You love to tell her how sweet and cute she is, you love to pick her up and carry her around the house, and you spent her first three months snuggling her close on the boppy. You are a terrific helper and like being a good role model. What a joy it is to watch your heart grow as you love on your siblings, and I am so happy to watch your relationships grow with Everett and Savannah each year.

Coronavirus was still in full swing this year, and that meant that we spent a lot of time at home. I pulled you out of preschool and taught you myself. I’m amazed at how quickly and willingly you learn new things, and I enjoyed having you close for an extra year. Once springtime hit, Covid calmed a bit, and we were able to travel! We took a fun trip to a cabin in Georgia and spent time with Pappy, Hannah, Paul and Los, listening to cicadas, swimming in the river, eating smores, and playing arcade games. We also took a trip to Virginia Beach! You loved swimming in the ocean with Carmen, visiting the Virginia Aquarium, Zoo, and staying at Aunt Hannah and Uncle Paul’s house. Uncle Paul got you hooked on Mario Cart, and you’ve decided that this will be the theme for your fifth birthday party.

We got all of our travel in right before your birthday because school is starting for you! That’s right, it’s time for kindergarten. Dad took you to pick out school supplies, you chose a really cool Mario Cart bookbag, and I’ve met with your teacher and school nurse to discuss your nut allergies. I am feeling all the feelings.

Denver, you were a baby, snuggled in my arms, crying as I bounced you around the house, giggling as we knocked over blocks, and asking me read the same books over and over again, all not that long ago. I can still hear you saying your first words, see you taking your first steps, and feel your little hand in mine. I miss those days so very much. You, my love, were my first little love, and I am so thrilled to watch you grow. I am also shocked at how much you’ve grown in the last five years. What a gift from God, and oh how time is so fleeting.

Happiest of birthday to you, my sweet Denver Josiah. Dad and I love you infinity.



4 Year Letter to Denver

Happy Birthday big guy! Denver, it’s time to celebrate your fourth birthday, and I’m shocked, because I feel like it was yesterday when you were sleeping in my arms. Now you’re 3.5 feet tall and 39 pounds of rowdy, energetic enthusiasm for life. You bring such joy to our family, and it is a delight to celebrate you!

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Let’s begin with your new experiences this year. You started preschool and love it! You are quick to make friends and have a penchant for learning, so preschool was an easy transition. Your teachers sent home a portfolio of work from the year, and I love to look at it because it shows off your personality and love of art. You inherited the art gene from your Dad, and you are quite good at drawing animals, shapes, and monsters, and writing all your numbers and letters. I love watching this skill grow!

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You also went to the dentist for the first time. You were very brave, and after the appointment asked me to take you out for donuts. Even though the nut free donut shop is 25 minutes across town, we went and it was a sweet little Den and mom date. It’s important to note that you have a crazy sweet tooth and love all things sugar. Clearly you are related to Dad and me.

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For Halloween this year, you went back and forth on costumes for a few months, finally settling on Marshall from Paw Patrol! What a handsome little firedog you made! You loved walking around the neighborhood to trick or treat, and you especially loved eating the candy when we got home.

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Your love of holidays is contagious, and you were especially excited to road trip to Virginia Beach for Christmas this year. You did amazing during the 12 hour car ride and were so excited to stay at Aunt Hannah and Uncle Paul’s house. I’m so glad that we made the trip, because it was our last visit with your Great Grandpa Jack. It meant so much to him that we were able to visit, because he has such a great love for family and especially his great grandkids.

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Den, you are quite a goofball. You love poop jokes, knock knock jokes that make no sense, and rough housing. You still love to be the center of attention and are thrilled when we have company over to show off all your new tricks. It’s been a difficult year for company, because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and have been in quarantine for 6 months to avoid the dreaded Coronavirus. We’re so thankful for the family that has come to visit though. You were especially thrilled when Aunt Hannah and Uncle Paul came to stay.

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Denver, you are a terrific big brother. You and Everett are best friends, always getting into mischief, playing together, and wrestling. Because we’ve been at home so much, your bond has grown immeasurably, and Dad and I are thankful that you have each other as besties.

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Speaking of besties, Aunt Los is still your favorite, and we’re all thankful that she lives in Nashville and hangs out with us every week! She brings lots of treats and surprises over, and she is always up for a walk to the big field.

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Your other favorites include reading, dancing, Jets Pizza, the color red, cars, and seeing animals at the Chattanooga Aquarium and Nashville Zoo. Pappy bought you a race car to drive around our neighborhood, and you ask to drive it nearly every day.

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Because of the Coronavirus, we spend a lot of time fishing at nearby pond, splashing around a creek, and playing on our backyard swing set. You are quite skilled at casting your own fishing line and have caught several fish by yourself! It always brings me to joy to see your excitement, and you are always excited when playing outside.

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You were also very excited to celebrate your birthday this year! I think we planned your party for three months. You requested a dinosaur theme, and even wrote out a wish list for gifts. Because you’re so loved, you got everything on your list.

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Your Dad and I have one extra present that is arriving soon, a baby sister! For months we played a guessing game about if baby would be a girl or boy, and you were adamant that baby would be a girl! Your Dad and I are so excited to see you grow into a big brother to a little sister, and you love telling me all the ways that you plan to help with baby. I love your heart, sweet boy.

Denver bear, you are smart and loved and kind and hilarious. I thank God for you each day. Keeping growing and singing and laughing, but be prepared for a trip to the squashing machine in the near future.



3 Year Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

I am so excited to be writing this letter to you, because it’s time to celebrate your third birthday! You have been so pumped, telling everyone you see that you’ll be three on August 6th, and holding up three fingers, so proud of yourself. Being your mom is an absolute joy and delight, and this year has rocked.

You are so big now! You potty trained easily right after your second birthday, moved to a big boy bed a third of the way through the year, and seem like such a legit kid now, less of a toddler. I don’t even know where to begin recapping this year because it’s been so full and so fun.

Let’s start with your love for people. You are delighted when we go places and when people come to visit. Each day you ask me, “What are we gonna do today?” Whether we’re visiting Los, going to the library, meeting friends at the park, or waiting for your grandparents to come over, you spend the entire day seeking out play mates. Once you see others, you run over, start talking, and hold their attention until it’s time for us or them to leave. You recently charmed a hair stylist so much that you got a lollipop and hot wheels car at the end of the hair cut. By the way, you love getting hair cuts and pretending to give hair cuts at home. You make sure your client wears a blanket cape, grab your drill which doubles as a hair dryer, and say, “Don’t be afraid, this will just tickle.” It’s cute and adorable.

Other favorite games include couch cars, where you drive every single one of your hot wheels from one side of the couch to the other, parking them in a straight line, and cheering when you’ve moved them all. Tickle bear is also a hit, where either you or I pretend to be a bear, and we chase each other around growling. You love painting, coloring, and practicing drawing the letter “D.” You also love being active. You can hit a baseball that someone pitches to you so far it goes over the fence. You love riding your scooter, taking walks around the neighborhood, kicking a soccer ball, climbing on playgrounds, and swimming. The swimming is something I am especially proud of because you were so timid a year ago, and now you’re quick to put on your swim vest and get in the pool. Overall, you do things big and fast. You are so fast that a friend told me, at the library, that I should embrace the running because maybe you’ll get a track scholarship. Perhaps all of my chasing you will pay off one day.

Speaking of the library, you have a great love for books. We read before nap time and bedtime, for about 30 minutes straight, and I think you’d read through every book in your dresser if I didn’t cut you off. You love picking out new books at the library, and you have favorites including Curious George, any book about Halloween, and the Bible.

Denver, I love watching your love for God grow in your heart. Every Sunday, you are genuinely excited to go to church. You recently memorized your first memory verse, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:1). You can sing “Jesus Loves Me,” “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho,” and “My God Is So Big.” One night, you even told your Bible stories to an unbelieving friend who was over, and it was as if you were evangelizing. I pray that you will continue to grow in knowledge of the Lord and that one day you will choose to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

One of the most special things about you is your love for music. When you hear songs on Alexa aka “Lex,” you can pick out which instruments are playing and mimic playing them yourself. You dance, rather jubilantly, in the kitchen, and you tell us that you are break dancing. You also entertain us with songs on your guitar, most notably Brad Paisley’s “Mr. Policeman,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Theme,” and “Paw Patrol Theme.” A good portion of each day is spent in the kitchen dancing side by side with your brother, Everett, and this brings me so much joy.

You love “lil Evie” and really are a terrific big brother. You greet him in his crib in the mornings and say, “Hi, cute lil Evs. You are so cute and lil.” Whenever you grab your milk out of the fridge, you also grab some for Everett. You’ve gotten really good at sharing, even when it’s hard, and you often make sure Ev is ok, checking on him when he’s crying or out of sight. You give him gentle hugs, make silly sounds that are specific to the two of you, and laugh hysterically at each other’s antics. I’ll be honest, you do tend to plow Everett to the ground more than I’d like, but I think it’s out of a desire to wrestle.

Some of my favorite moments this year have been listening to you speak. One day you ran to tell me, “I love you, best friend mom.” Another day I said I couldn’t believe I had two sweet boys, and you said, “And we have you, sweet mom.” You are so encouraging, thanking Dad and me for making dinner, cleaning the house, and taking you places. You also lift everyone up when we’re struggling, telling us that it’s ok to make mistakes and cheering Everett on when he’s learning something new. One of the more hilarious moments was when you were having a bad attitude one night and Dad threatened to throw away your beloved gummy bears. You, my strong-willed, determined child, looked back at him and said, “Guess you just throw them away…also my goldfish too.” When Dad threw them away, you didn’t even bat an eye. It was impressive and hilarious.

I want to remember your favorite things, so here is a list, in no particular order. Your favorite shows are Superwings and Paw Patrol. Your favorite color changes daily but is often yellow. Your favorite thing to do is go to the zoo to see the animals, followed closely by playing baseball. Jets Pizza is still your favorite food, and sweet tea is still your favorite drink. You want to be a race car driver for Halloween, your favorite holiday, and a fireman when you grow up.

Denver, my sweet baby boy, I am so grateful that God gifted your Dad and me the privilege of being your parents. You are an incredibly kind-hearted and creative boy, and each day I am overjoyed that you are part of our family. Please stay as joyful, willful, and beautiful as you are now. Truly, we love you exactly as God made you.

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Denver Josiah. You are so loved.



2 Year Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy Birthday! What an incredible year this has been. The last six months in particular have flown by, thanks in large part to the arrival of Everett. You have grown into an amazing big brother! You give kisses and hugs, like to make Everett laugh, and are quick on your feet when he needs a pacifier, toy, or diaper change. You love to greet Everett when he wakes from naps, enjoy tickling him, and are eager to demonstrate tummy time and rolling. I love watching your relationship grow, and I continue to pray that you’ll be best friends.

Meeting Ev aka “brah” for the first time

Getting to know each other on Easter morning

Close talking with Ev

You are now a talking machine, with hundreds of words in your repertoire. Your language skills started exploding around 20 months, and the sentences started right before your second birthday. You can now count to 20, recite most of the alphabet, sing several songs, and repeat any words that Dad and I ask you to say. My favorite phrases are “whoa, cool,” “tick toes” (for tickle toes), “Jesus Song,” “kiss face,” and “love, too.”

Cheesing it up at Taco Mamacita

You are quite the story teller, sharing about playdates with family and friends, traveling in cars and planes, getting hurt, and crashing on the floor. It’s amazing to see how your mind works, and which events are memorable to you. Your favorite story is the time you hit your head on the fence, which you retell daily.

Enjoying summer

Mixing colors

Reading is one of your favorite activities, and you have many books memorized. Dad and I start the sentences, and you finish them. You also occasionally pick up books to read to your brother and stuffed animals. Your favorite book seems to be Richard Scarry Best World Book Ever because it has trains and planes and automobiles. The Bug Book is a close second. You pretend to hold and eat the bugs!

Reading Richard Scarry

Music is still the key to your heart, and you’ve picked up a penchant for marching. We march to “Mickey Mouse Club March,” “The Ants Go Marching,” and “We Are the Dinosaurs.” We march around the kitchen, to your bedroom for naps, and around the neighborhood for exercise.

We took this during family photos, and you would not sit still!

One of my favorite developments over the last six months is your love for church and the Bible. When I tell you we’re going to church, you get excited and immediately respond with “see friends.” You also love reading the Bible before bed. You have a children’s Old Testament and New Testament, and you insist that we read a story from each every night. Your favorite stories are David and Goliath, which you’ve named “fight,” and Jonah and the fish. I am so thankful that God is writing His name upon your heart, and I pray that your faith will grow as you continue to learn about His word and especially about His son, Jesus.

Reading the Bible to Everett, with paint or chalk or marker on your arm

Still a bit timid around new experiences, Dad and I took you to get your first hair cut. We let Dad get his hair cut first so that you’d be a bit calmer come your turn, but it didn’t matter. You were not having it, and the pictures are hilarious and pitiful.

We traveled to Virginia Beach to introduce Everett to the extended family, and you were a super traveler, great on the airplanes, and flexible throughout the entire trip! While in Virginia Beach, you enjoyed your first trip to the actual beach! You were wary of the waves, but Dad and Pappy managed to get you to swim a bit. You saw dolphins, seagulls, jets, and boats, and enjoyed eating all sorts of delicious snacks. You also experienced your first Shogun experience, on the trip. We told you in advance about the “big fire,” and you were so excited, until you saw the big fire. Then you were so scared! We all got a big of a laugh at your expense, and we’re hoping you warm up to the idea soon (pun intended).

Walking to beach with Dad

Walking on beach with Pappy

Playing on beach with Mama

Dining at Shogun

Speaking of food, you now have official favorites: pizza, sweet tea, and chocolate chips. You really are a terrific eater, enjoying many fruits and veggies, but you could probably eat Jets Pizza every single day. On your actual second birthday, we took you to the Adventure Science Center in the morning, and we picked up pizza for lunch on the way home. Birthdays should be full of favorites after all. We also threw a big party with the extended family the day before your birthday. It was Llama Llama themed. You loved being the center of attention and opening your new presents, including toy trains, a baseball set, and a car!

Pic with Dad and me on your actual birthday

Happy 2nd birthday, Denver Josiah! I hope you know how much you are loved. You are a bright little buddy, and you fill each day with joy.




18 Month Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

Little man, you are so loved! Toddlerhood is a great stage for you, and the last six months have been my favorite so far. You have grown from a baby into a little boy, and I am so thankful to watch you learn and play each day.

My handsome boy

Let’s start with music. You are a dance machine! When you hear music, you cannot sit still. You wave your arms, kick your feet, spin in circles, and have invented quite a few impressive dance moves. The most original is what your Dad affectionately named the “stanky arm.” I have never met someone who loves to dance as much as you, and I love that it’s such an important part of your personality. Along with dancing, you love playing the piano, harmonica, and train whistle. You will even do hand motions to songs like “Baby Bumblebee.” Our house is very loud and full of joy since music is playing all day long.

I wish this were a singing pic, but you’re really just being crazy.

You have so many words now! “Clock” is probably your favorite, followed closely by the phrase “Oh no!” You can recognize the letters “a,” “c,” and “o” as well as the numbers “five” and “six.” You also know many animal noises, and it’s adorable watching you sound like an elephant, horse, owl, and dinosaur. You can even name numerous body parts, including your heart and butt!

Being cute in the kitchen

This should come as no surprise, but you’re fast on your feet, climbing everything in sight. This is both fascinating and frustrating. I love watching you climb ladders and chairs and stairs. I do not enjoy prying you off the back of couches, the kitchen table, and any other dangerous items you so quickly scale. Seriously, I cannot take my eyes off of you.

On top of the kitchen table

Your Aunt Lo moved to Nashville this summer, and she is basically your best friend. When she comes over to play, you run to the door and grab her hand and take her to your newest toy. She walks you around the neighborhood, letting you explore, and she has bought some of your favorite toys, including an art easel and bubbles. I love watching the love you both have for each other. The laughter is contagious.

Aunt Lo bought you the Star Wars shirt.

You are incredibly mechanical. Aunt Lo always tells me to keep tools away from you because you’ll tear apart the house. I think she’s right. You have a knack for finding how furniture and appliances are put together, and you use your tools to pretend to work on everything. You even help Dad with small projects around the house because you understand how screwdrivers and hammers work. It’s incredible to watch you think and process information. Truly, you amaze me.

Helping Dad set up some shelves

You are not the biggest fan of new experiences. You played in snow for the first time, and it lasted about 15 minutes. Next year, I’ll try to get you some actual snow gear so you’re not as cold. You also took swim lessons. During the first lesson, you were the screamer in the pool, crying and shivering, and it was really pitiful to watch. By the last lesson, you were dragging Dad to get in the pool with you, chasing all the fish around, and blowing bubbles in the water. It was an amazing transformation, and I’m grateful that we took lessons!

We traveled to Virginia again, this time for Christmas! It was a quick trip, and honestly one of the easier ones. Now that you eat all solid food, we didn’t have to pack any bottles or baby food. We spent much time with Great Grammie and Grandpa, and you had lots of fun running around their house on Christmas Eve.

Fun times with Great Grammie and Grandpa!

We had some big life events come up over the last six months. The first is that we moved! The train noise was not great for my sanity, so your Dad and I decided to move to Franklin. Our new house is train free, a bit bigger, and we’ve all adapted well. The backyard is quite a bit smaller, more kid friendly, and I enjoy watching you run around the big tree in the afternoons. We also take many walks around the neighborhood, making great use of the sidewalks.

Walking on the sidewalk, so happy

Even though we no longer live by a train, you still wanted to be a train conductor for Halloween!

The bigger news is that you’re about to become a big brother! I know, I can’t believe it either! Little Everett is due at the end of March, and I am so excited to introduce you to each other. I have LOVED having a sister so close in age, and I pray that you will love having a little brother so close in age as well. I pray that you will be best friends, playmates, and companions for your entire lives. You have such a helpful personality, and I know that you will be an amazing big brother.

Dad is training you up to be a big helper.

Denver, you are so loved. Often, in the evenings, you have three adults and two dogs sitting with you during your bedtime routine. Your room is filled with love, and I am thankful for the peaceful routine we’re in right now. Thanks for being such a charismatic kid, for giving hugs, and snuggling up during tv time. Thanks for grabbing my hand and pulling me around the house because you’re so interested in showing me everything that brings you excitement. I love being your Mama, and I cherish these days while you’re still little and full of such physical love.

With love,



12 Month Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy Birthday baby boy! I have been procrastinating writing this letter because I didn’t want to face the truth. You are one year old now, no longer a baby, but a walking, talking toddler. How did this happen?!!

You were so little!!!

We celebrated your birthday in style this month with a Dinosaur Train themed party. My family traveled miles from Virginia and Florida, and of course your Dad’s local family was here for your big day. Your party was on your actual birthday, since it was a Sunday, and that made the day extra special. Here are some pics from the party. Thanks especially to Aunt Lo and Aunt Hannah who helped with the party decorations!

Top: Family Pic; Bottom Left: The Cake; Bottom Right: Opening Presents

Top Left: Out of towners (minus Paul); Top Right: Paper Mache Dino: Bottom Left: Dinosaur Cake; Bottom Right: More Dinos

This month, you became a very snuggly baby. Seriously, I LOVE this development. You give hugs, snuggle in laps, and cuddle stuffed animals as you roll across the floor. You also sneak up on Presley and give him bear hugs. This sweet, snuggly side of your personality developed rather quickly and out of the blue, and your Dad and I are so thankful for the hugs.

Snuggling Dad at Musicians Corner

I cannot express how bright you are. You are so quick at picking up on sequences. In the morning, you run to your night light, remove it from the wall, and try to put the plastic outlet protector in the outlet. This is your first task each day, and it’s remarkable to me that it’s your priority. Also, you have this record player that you have nearly mastered. You pick up the player and place it in the middle of the floor, open the back to remove the records, lay the player on its back, place the record in the correct position, and turn it until it locks into place. You’re still learning how to move the needle and turn the crank, but seriously, you learned this sequence by watching others, and I am amazed!!!

DJ Sledge

It’s been interesting to watch your interests develop over the year. You now have favorite things. Your favorite books are Giraffes Can’t DanceMoo Baa La La LaMy First Baby AnimalsLittle Blue Truck, and Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You. Your favorite food, hands down, is bread. Your favorite activity is pushing furniture and toys around the house. You also love chalk, watching Dad mow the lawn, and being chased. When Presley eats out of your hand, you laugh hysterically.

Walking and chalking. Also, you look like a wizard yielding a wand.

It’s hard to believe, but you also love cleaning! You grab the broom and dustpan and sweep the floors. You also grab paper towels and toilet paper and dust all of the furniture in the house. When you pull clothes out of your drawers, you now often put them back in (unfolded, but still). I love that you are so helpful, and I hope this love for cleaning sticks!

Dusting my bed frame

I haven’t talked much this year about your stats, but it’s time. Denver, you are a big, strong boy. You are 32 inches tall, in the 97th percentile, and 23 lbs 8 oz., in the 80th percentile. Additionally, you finished the year with FOURTEEN teeth! You think it’s hilarious to point and say “teeth.” You also love brushing yours in the morning and evening. I am thankful that you are growing so well. Praise God!

Well buddy, my booga bear and little dude man, Happy Birthday! I love you so very much and am delighted to be your mama. You bring such joy to life.

With love,


11 Month Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

I’ve got two words for you: Chicken Pox. That’s right, little buddy. Very few kids get Chicken Pox these days, because most kids are vaccinated between 12-15 months. Somehow you managed to beat the odds, and we spent a lovely two weeks on house arrest. You had a bad case of the pox, and some of your spots have yet to heal. You handled it like a champ, though, with very little scratching or fussing, even with a high fever on days three and four. At least you picked a good weekend to show your spots. My dad, Pappy, was in town to help entertain you during the worst of it. He even brought you an early birthday present, an adorable red rocket, and you spent hours riding around in style!

Chicken Pox

Riding on your red rocket!

Along with your new wheels, you have an impressive new skill: walking! You are walking and proud of it. You strut around the house all day long, carrying objects, dragging furniture, and smiling. I bought you some sandals so that you can walk around in public. Watching you walk around Percy Warner, Cheekwood, downtown, and the library is so much fun.

Walking around Percy Warner…apparently there are dinosaurs.

Walking around downtown

Speaking of the Nature Center, it is one of your favorite places to visit. You love pointing out the animals and learning their names. I think the beaver and fox are your favorite animals at the moment.

Nature Center

This month, you swam in a pool for the first time! I was nervous to take you because baths have been such a struggle. You always want to stand in the tub and end up screaming and flailing as Dad and I try to sit you down. FYI, a bath mat solved this problem, and I wish we’d bought one earlier. Back to the pool. It was such fun! You love swimming. You enjoy riding around in your inflatable raft, and you really love when I toss you in the air. Your laughter and giggles melt my heart, and I can’t wait to take you to another pool soon.

First pool party!

You spent a lot of time with your grandmother this month. You both explored Cheekwood, played with a train whistle, and climbed a big tree! You also met your Aunt Amanda for the first time.

Meeting Aunt Amanda and playing with your grandmother

This month we went to the allergist, and the doctor confirmed that you have a peanut allergy. Good grief, little buddy. There is so much delicious food you’ll be missing out on. On the bright side, there’s a 20% chance that you will outgrow the allergy, and we found out that you can still eat Chick-Fil-A. Perhaps you won’t befriend any aliens with Reese’s Pieces, but at least you can pretend to be a cow and get a free sandwich each year.

Peanut appointment

This new trick from Pappy reminds me of ET.

I love you, Denver! Thanks for being such a hilarious, smiley, baby boy. Happy 11 months.

With love,


10 Month Letter to Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy 10 months! This was one of my favorite months with you. You’ve learned so many words, and we are able to communicate during the day. You say, “hey,” “mama,” “dada,” “book,” “stinky,” “dog,” “light,” and “tree!” You also point and say “this is” anytime you want to know the name of an object. It amazes me how curious you are about the world around you, and it’s adorable listening to you mimic words in your sweet little baby voice.


Speaking of the world around you, you seem to be one with nature. I call you Pocahontas. Dad and I bought you a water table, and you love playing with it in the afternoons. Often the wind is blowing. Whenever you feel the breeze, you look up at the trees, hold an object in the air, and say “tree.” I love watching you enjoy the outdoors, and I’m thankful for the warm, sunny weather.

Feeling the breeze

You’re a smart kiddo. You learned to clap this month. You also discovered that objects have tops, bottoms, and sides. For instance, you are now aware that the bed has edges, and you can fall off if you are not careful. It is so funny watching you crawl to one side, peer over the edge. and crawl back to the other side. You also can find objects that fall underneath furniture. You get down on your belly and crawl under furniture to retrieve toys. Super cute. Because of your understanding of objects, you have an intense love for peekaboo. You hold blankets in front of your face, duck down below the edge of your pack n play, pop up over the back of the couch, and even move beyond view of the iPhone camera to play peekaboo. You don’t yet know how to say peekaboo, but occasionally you yell “stinky” which is hilarious.

The progression of a clap!

After what has felt like a never ending bottle strike, you’ve decided that you are willing to drink from sippy cups. In fact, you love it! You love sipping water in the afternoons, after we play outside, and you’re great about tipping the cup back to drink. What a relief! Along with drinking water, you’ve tried many new foods this month. While bread is your absolute fave, grapes are a close second. The more sour the grapes, the better! As much as you love grapes, you were not thrilled with the lemon you tried. Your faces were priceless, but Dad and I won’t feed you any more lemons anytime soon.

Lemon faces

Speaking of avoiding foods, you appear to have a peanut allergy. I put less than a teaspoon of peanut butter on an apple slice. You mashed it all over your face and put the tiniest bit in your mouth. Within a minute, you started to cry. Within 5 minutes, you’d broken out into hives all over your face, were making weird motions with your tongue, and started coughing. I called the pediatrician, and once they heard you coughing, they advised me to call 911. A fire truck and ambulance showed up and whisked us both to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. You were fine, but we now have an EpiPen, Benadryl, and an appointment with an allergist scheduled soon.

Clockwise from top left: trip in the ambulance, happy to see Daddy, flying around the ER, playing with monitors

On a more positive note, your Nanny and Aunt Lo came to visit this month! We had so much fun. With Nanny, we visited The Loveless Cafe, and you tried your first bits of bacon! We walked around Cheekwood and were nearly attacked by geese. We also played with chalk for the first time, and you tried to eat it!

Clockwise from top left: Loveless, Cheekwood, chalk art, snugs

With Aunt Lo, we visited the zoo and were also nearly attacked by geese! We walked to the park, visited the Loveless again, and played tag around the house. You absolutely love when Aunt Lo chases you, and you smile whenever she’s around.

Clockwise from left: getting ready for the zoo, swinging at the park, blowing bubbles at the park, playing with chalk

Happy 10 months Denver! You are such a handsome, talkative, giggly little man. What a joy to spend each day with you.

With love,



9 Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy 9 months little dude! I cannot believe that you’ve been on the outside as long as you were inside. So much has happened over the last 9 months, and it’s amazing to realize how many unseen changes occurred during pregnancy. God is so good and unique and creative and wonderful.

How handsome are you in this baseball uniform?!!

This month we explored Nashville. We spent a lovely day at Cheekwood. Thanks to Aunt Lindsey for the yearly pass! While I enjoyed the pretty flowers and walking paths, you loved watching the toy trains. The track is pretty epic, and it was fun to show you how trains move since you normally only see the top of trains running behind our fence each day.

We also pretended to be Titans for the day at Sports Fest at Nissan Stadium. It was awesome. We played on the field, explored the locker room, and took a picture with the Easter Bunny. I still cannot believe the field was open for families to enjoy for a few hours. What a cool experience.

You had so much fun with Daddy at Sports Fest!

Speaking of the Easter Bunny, we celebrated your first Easter! You were a bit too young to appreciate Christmas this year, so Easter felt like your first true holiday experience. Dad and I made you an Easter basket which you opened Sunday morning. It was adorable watching you pull things out of the basket, and you especially enjoyed your new books! We went to church, and you were dressed in Dad’s old Easter outfit, sewn by your great grandmother! What a fun day as a family, what a joyful day to celebrate the life of Christ. I love Easter and hope you will grow to love it as well.

This month, you finally figured out how to eat finger foods. I am relieved. In prior months, you choked when I gave you anything but bread and Mum Mums to eat. Oranges seemed to help reduce your gag reflux. Once you learned how to eat oranges, you moved onto apples and carrots. I’m thrilled and excited to introduce you to many new foods next month.

You always share your food with me. Here you are offering me some oranges. How sweet!

You’re close to walking now, little buddy! You can stand on your own for a few seconds, pull up on just about anything (including walls), and can even cruise with a walker. You get so mad when Dad and I try to guide your walker around the house to prevent you from running into things and getting stuck. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve gone from rolling to crawling to cruising. I am ready for you to master standing and walking on your own, because you fall a lot right now. Three days in a row you fell and hit your head in the same spot, stressing out your Mama. I know this is part of the learning experience, though, so I am doing my best to guide you and also give you space. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

You seriously pulled yourself up to play the piano!

Separation anxiety has started rather suddenly. When we’re out in public and people smile, you cry! You stick out your bottom lip, and crocodile tears stream down your face. You don’t like when I leave you in the church nursery, and you had an intense sleep regression. Not only were you waking up in the middle of the night, but you were also pitching hour long fits before naps and bedtime. Basically, you want to be held 24/7. Goodness, I am relieved that the sleep regression has ended. The separation anxiety does not seem to be easing up though. I am enjoying the extra snugs. You tend to play with your toys for a few minutes and then crawl over and climb in my lap.

Attached at the hip

Helping you fall asleep

When you’re in my lap, it’s story time. You open the books, turn the pages (a bit roughly sometimes), and babble as I read. It seems like you’re reading the stories to me! Since we read so much, you’ve actually learned to say “book.” It sounds like “buh-ook” or “ook,” and it’s the cutest. If we’re playing in your room and I ask you to get a book, you’ll go over to your shelf and pick out a book to read. If you’re playing in your pack-n-play and I ask you to pick up a book, you do! How cool that you 1) know what a book is and 2) can say the word! I am so proud of you!

Denver, I love you. I love you so much. So does Dad. And Jesus. Please remember this always. You are incredibly loved.

Happy 9 months!

With love,


8 Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Hey! Hey is officially your first word. Every morning when you wake, you shout “Hey!” to let Dad and me know that you’re ready to play. It’s pretty adorable, even if it happens around 6:3oam. You also said “Dah-Da” for one day this month, while looking at Dad. It was amazing. Then suddenly, you stopped saying it. I am not sure what that’s about, but feel free to start saying it again soon!

Cute little overalls!

I was thrilled with your crawling skills last month, but this month I am shocked! You are so fast. The inchworm crawl is no more, and you’re legit crawling on all fours.

Crawling under the piano

Sadly, with your newfound speed, you’ve developed a short attention span. You’re less interested in toys and more interested in furniture and Presley’s water bowl. Since I can’t seem to keep you out of the water, I set up a little water station for you to play in. The water went everywhere, but it was totally worth the mess to see you learning and exploring and having such fun.

Along with crawling, you’re also pulling up! The pulling up is terrifying to me. I know you have to learn, but it is so stressful watching you get into tricky situations. Your fascination with the piano bench is particularly alarming. It has sharp corners, can easily pull over, and is at baby eye level. Perhaps I need to put it out of sight for the time being.

Standing in the pack n play

You’re taking short naps again, which is a bummer, but it allows us to attend Mother Goose Moments at the library on Monday mornings. It’s so fun! Mrs. Donna sings, reads, and teaches sign language to a room full of kiddos. You sit quietly, very perplexed, taking it all in. After story time, we play for a bit, and then we pick out books! This has become one of my favorite routines.

Playing at the library

We always end our library visit with a trip to the park. Oh my gosh, I wish I’d taken you to the park sooner. You LOVE swinging. Every time I put you in a swing, your face lights up.

First time in a swing at the park!

Along with swinging at the park, I let you play in the grass for the first time. Your first impression was that grass has a weird texture. Now that you’ve adjusted, you think grass is quite interesting, so interesting that you often try to eat it!

Playing in the grass

We visited the zoo with Aunt Brooke this month. You were very serious, uncertain as to why there were so many people hanging around. You thought the goats were interesting, and your favorite animal was a colorful little bird in the aviary. This bird was very interested in your diaper bag, and he even nibbled on the handle. I placed you on the floor, and the bird danced right in front of you! When we left the aviary, we noticed a sign on the door stating that this bird is new to the exhibit, still learning manners, and that we should ignore him! Whoops! We may have encouraged some poor behaviors, but we sure had fun interacting with him.

Checking out the animals in the petting zoo

Along with a beautiful sunny day at the zoo, there was a snow day this month. You apparently take after your mama and are not a fan of the cold. Since the snow was so minimal, we were still able to enjoy a fun lunch with Aunt Lindsey. You definitely turned on the charm for her.

Stinky snow face

Smiling at Aunt Lindsey

Denver, you’re adorable. You are also intense. Temper tantrums are in full effect. You’re screaming so loudly over naps, bottles, and diaper changes, that you are rupturing blood vessels in your face. It’s alarming. I called the pediatrician, and he said I should ignore you when you’re acting out. The advice is easier said than done, but I’m trying my best to keep you calm and not give in. I love you and hope you’ll grow out of this season soon.

Here is your 8 month pic! I tried so hard to get you to smile, but you were not thrilled about laying on your back when you could be crawling and standing. So, this will have to do! I’m sure we’ll laugh about it one day.

With love,








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