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6 Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Six months ago, you were teeny tiny, very fragile, and we honestly didn’t know each other very well. Now you are one of the tallest babies your age, incredibly durable, and we are best buds! I love that you play with me now. You mimic sounds that I make, dance in sync to my piano playing, and think it’s hilarious to stick your hand in my mouth so that I pretend to bite it! You also adore Daddy. When he comes home from work each evening, your face lights up, you reach out for him, and you play until bedtime. I am enjoying watching you two bond, and I can’t wait to see your friendship grow over the years.

Silly snugs with Mama

Lounging with Dad

This has been a month of significant growth. To begin with, you mastered the art of rolling. You roll from front to back, back to front, and side to side. If I lay you on a rug on the floor, I cannot leave the room longer than 30 seconds, because you often roll off the rug, onto the hardwood, and into all sorts of mischief. You especially enjoy rolling in your crib. You roll around so much that I had to purchase crib bumpers since you kept sticking your legs through the crib slats and getting stuck.

Before bumpers

After bumpers

Regarding your crib, you are now sleeping through the night! It helps that you are now able to sleep on your tummy. You sleep for 11-12 hours straight, and it is glorious! Around 5.5 months, you were only waking up once to nurse, around 5am, and I figured you could make it all the way to 7am. So when you woke up, I would go into your nursery, place my hands on your chest or back, say “shhh,” and then walk out. I repeated this every ten minutes until you fell back asleep. You’d cry for about a half hour and then sleep until 7am. Sleep training took about four nights, and it was so worth it. I was worried about letting you cry it out, but sometimes a mom has to trust her instincts. I felt that you were ready for this transition, and you definitely were. Dad and I are so relieved that you are sleeping so soundly.

Sleeping on your tummy, with your butt in the air. You are hilarious!

Another big development this month is that you’re sitting up on your own! Denver, you wanted absolutely nothing to do with sitting when I tried to help. Once you figured out how to sit up on your own though, you’ve been delighted. It’s much easier to play with toys when you can look about, reach with both hands, and grab anything (and everything) in sight.

Speaking of grabbing everything in sight, you’re a danger at the dinner table. Daddy and I call you Judge Sledge because you grab your toys and slam them into your high chair tray, simply to hear the sounds the toys make. It’s pretty hilarious. At the end of dinner you want to be held, so Dad and I let you sit in our laps. We have to move all glasses, plates, silverware, and napkins far from you, though, because you’ve got quick hands.

When you’re not slamming toys into your tray, you’re eating food like a champ! You eat oatmeal in the mornings and vegetables in the evenings. Though you seem ambivalent towards oatmeal, you love vegetables, especially peas, and you always seem hungrier for more. We’ll start meats and fruit soon, and maybe even some teething biscuits! You’re definitely in need of the teething biscuits because your third tooth has arrived and your fourth tooth is about to make its debut! What a sweet smile you have, little dude.

Wishing you had a burger

This month, your Dad and I celebrated your baby dedication at church. It was sobering to stand before the congregation, promising to raise you in a Christian home, to teach you about the Lord, and to help you grow in your faith. There is nothing more important to me as a mom than to raise you to know the Lord, and I promise to do my best to help and encourage you in your faith. I hope that you will open your heart and choose to follow Jesus one day. I am thankful for a loving church home that will surround you with sound teaching and godly friendships. Here is a picture from your dedication. What a beautiful beginning to your testimony.

Denver, I am so thankful for your life. You are a handsome, joyful little boy, and Dad and I could not be more delighted that you are our son.

Happy six months, little dude.

With love,


Five Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

You are five months old! Good grief, where does the time go? This month was super busy for our family, specifically because I went back to work for two weeks. Who came to stay with you? My Mom, Nanny! You two had a blast. She helped you learn to roll from your back to your tummy, played nursery rhymes on the guitar, and read many books to help you learn the alphabet and numbers. Nanny and Kerry also bought you an exciting Christmas present, a jumperoo, and you love this thing. You spend hours each day jumping and dancing.

When Nanny was here, you also went to your first circus. You slept through half of it and stared mesmerized for the other half of it. There was one moment when a stuntman almost fell, and Nanny and I yelled loudly. We startled you, and you became very upset. It’s actually a pretty hilarious memory because it was such a simple thing to get upset about. Love you, buddy, especially when you’re ridiculous.

Left: Nanny snugs; Top right: Upset at the circus; Bottom right: Signature grumpy face

Big news: your first two teeth arrived! Apart from drooling, chewing everything in sight, and tugging at your ears, you’ve handled teething like a champ! Your two lower teeth are adorable, and it seems like your next two upper teeth are going to arrive soon as well.

Look closely to see your teeth!

For Christmas this year, we traveled to Virginia Beach to spend time with my family and to meet your cousin, Carmen! I am super thankful that you two are so close in age, and I hope that you will play together often in the years to come. Christmas Eve at Great Grammie and Grandpa’s was a blast, and I am relieved that you did so well staying up past your bedtime. Additionally, you received many interactive gifts this year, including Scout the talking dog, Annie the alphabet pup, and an activity cube! You have fun playing with each of these new toys, and hopefully you’re learning a few things too. Here are a few pics from the trip.

Left: In the airport after blowout #1; Top right: Sleeping on flight #1; Bottom right: After blowout #2, when I ran out of onesies. You are basically shirtless in the middle of December. You think it’s funny.

Top left: Playing with Scout; Bottom left: Explaining personal space to Carmen; Top right: Posing with Pappy and Storm Trooper; Middle right: Pulling Aunt Lo’s Christmas decor; Bottom right: Dining with Great Grammie and Great Grandpa

You kept falling asleep at random times in Virginia because there was so much going on each day.

You had another doctor’s appointment this month, and surprise surprise, your height is still off the charts. During the appointment, the pediatrician suggested that we start you on solids at some point between four and six months. While in Virginia, you finally expressed an interest in food! You kept trying to grab food off of peoples’ plates. Consequently, once we returned to Nashville, we started you on baby oatmeal. You’re still getting the hang of it, but pretty soon we’ll be starting vegetables at dinner time. I hope you like sweet potatoes and squash, little man. You’ve got quite a few years before I’m willing to introduce you to Pappy and Daddy’s favorite, Little Debby cakes.

Let’s talk about your bedroom. The house has been a work in progress, which I’ll tell you all about in the future, but Dad finally had some free time during Christmas break. He used this time to paint a Curious George mural in your nursery. It’s colorful, encourages reading, and makes me so happy when I see it each day.

Last but not least, you went to your first Titans game! You enjoyed seeing all the people in the stadium, and you always enjoy being outside, but the noise was a bit much for your baby ears, so we had to leave early. Dad and I recently purchased some baby headphones, so hopefully we’ll be better prepared for games in the fall!

Denver, you are incredibly loved. Happy 5 months!

With love,


P.S. Here is my favorite pic from the month.  Thanks, Nanny, for taking it!

Four Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy 4 months, little dude. This has been a big month for you. Where to begin? For starters, you learned how to roll over. It was amazing! For an entire week, nearly every time I’d put you on your play mat for tummy time, you’d roll over! It was hilarious because you always looked confused after you landed on your back. See below for a video of your first roll:


Lately you won’t roll from your tummy to your back very often, but you will roll from your back to your side. I think you’ll put all the steps together soon, and I can’t wait to watch!

You are so talkative now. Not only do you have very loud conversations where you kick your legs to show off, but you also have very quiet conversations, particularly during nursing. You take a break, look at me, and let out little coos. Seriously, these moments warm my heart. Also, your favorite word is “stinky,” and it makes you laugh when I say it. Check out this video:


Sometime during the middle of the month, you went through a major growth spurt. There were all these adorable sports onesies that fit perfectly one day, and the next day when I dressed you, it looked like you were sporting a v-neck since the onesies were too short. Thank goodness Nanny and Pappy bought you some winter clothes sized 6-9 months. You’d be walking around naked if not for their generosity. 😉


Bear overalls from Nanny


Sweats from Pappy

Since you’re likely to play sports in the future, I’m taking every opportunity to introduce you to some of the greats. This month you met Tennessee Titan, Jurrell Casey! He was incredibly friendly, and when he held you, I couldn’t help but laugh at the size difference.


Meeting Jurrell Casey

Sleep is the biggest story this month. Right around 3 months, you slept THROUGH THE NIGHT twice. You were still in the bassinet in our bedroom, and it was shocking. Daddy and I ridiculously tried to move you to the crib around this time, and you were not a happy camper, waking up every two hours all night long. Consequently, we gave up and moved you back to the bassinet. Unfortunately, after the growth spurt, you officially outgrew the bassinet and started unswaddling yourself and waking up every few hours all night long. While Daddy can sleep through the squirming, I cannot. So near the end of the month, after being so tired I literally felt sick, Daddy and I moved you to the crib, unswaddled. This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and I am still astounded. We placed you in your crib, and you were upset on and off for two hours, from 7-9pm. Daddy would check on you and comfort you, and finally you dozed off. You woke up once to eat, around 12:30am, and then you slept until 7am! This was not a fluke either. You are consistently sleeping peacefully from 7:30pm until 7:00am, waking only once to nurse. Praise God! I am so proud of you, thankful that we are all getting rest, and relieved at how easily you transitioned from bassinet to crib. Clearly you just needed more room to stretch out at night.

Aunt Lo came to visit for Thanksgiving, and we all loved her company. She calls you her little buddy and snatches you up every chance she gets. You think her funny faces are hilarious, and you enjoy sitting in her lap and sneaking glances at the tv. While in town, she helped decorate for Christmas and tried to work through your bottle strike. That’s right, little dude, your personality is much more vibrant now, and you’ve decided that there are things you like and don’t like. You drank a bottle perfectly from week 1 and have now decided it’s the enemy. I bought you a new bottle, left the room while Daddy tried to feed you, tried to feed you myself, and you still refuse to happily take a bottle. The minute you see one, you throw a tantrum, tears and all, for 30 minutes or so. This has been super stressful because you and I are currently together 24/7. Hopefully you’ll change your mind soon, though, or else we’re gong to start bottle boot camp until you get back on track.


Chillin with Aunt Lo

On a sappy mama note, this month it hit me that you are not going to be little for much longer. The newborn stage seems to be over. You play with toys now, sit up with very little help, and no longer need to be bounced to sleep. I sneak into your room during naps to hold you, and I watch videos of your laughs in the evenings after you’ve gone to sleep. You’ve grown so much since Daddy and I brought you home from the hospital, and I am amazed at all the changes over the last 4 months.

Carseat on the way home from the hospital

Carseat on the way home from the hospital

Carseat at 4 months

Carseat at 4 months

It’s now Christmastime, a beautiful season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As I hold you in my arms, I am more thankful than ever for God’s gift to the world. Thank you, Denver, for being such a tangible reminder of God’s goodness and love each day.

Happy 4 months!

With love,




Three Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

I cannot believe that you are three months old! Month three has been my favorite so far. Your personality shines through a bit more each day, and you are the sweetest little guy! Gone are your grumpy days. You now spend hours smiling and laughing, all because of a funny face or a silly sound. You’ve also found your voice and love imitating noises and carrying on conversations.


Standing on your legs is one of your favorite activities, and your legs are very strong. You still need help with stability, but you can actually hold your entire weight by yourself which is impressive. Also, Denver, you drool more than our dog. Seriously, your hands are nearly always in your mouth! Both of your grandmothers are convinced that you’re showing early signs of teething.


Tummy time is now on track, thanks in large part to your dad’s persistence. You can only handle about 10 minutes every few hours, but you are able to lean on your arms, hold up your head, and look around the room. I am pretty sure you’re going to be be rolling over soon because you sometimes rock back and forth on your arms and legs. You’ve technically rolled over once, but it was a complete accident and surprised you as much as me!


This month my mom and Kerry came to visit! Kerry spent a good portion of his time helping Dad with the deck remodel, and Nanny took us out on the town to enjoy the fall. The weather was perfect, and we all spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon walking around Franklin.


At the end of the month, you experienced your first plane rides since we traveled to Virginia Beach to meet your extended family, including great grandparents, aunts, great aunts and great uncles. I was nervous about flying with you and for no good reason. You LOVED flying. I am still amazed. For most of the flights, you played around in your car seat looking at your feet, the windows, or Dad and me. You were so happy and smiley and I wish we could fly more frequently since it was such a good experience.

Denver's First Flights

First flights

Meeting the Barretts

Meeting the Barretts

Meeting the Brownings

Meeting the Brownings

Chillin with your aunts

Chillin with the aunts

Flying back to Nashville on Halloween

Flying back to Nashville on Halloween

Denver, little dude, I’m so thankful for you! You’re healthy, HAPPY, and such a joyful addition to the family.


With love,


Two Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

Happy 2 months little man! You are growing so quickly. Can you believe that you now weigh 13 lbs? You are also long, 25 inches, which is the 98th percentile! I am not surprised considering that you have Browning genes. It is super funny, though, when people ask how old you are since you look quite a bit older than 2 months. You’ve finally outgrown your newborn clothes and are wearing 3-6 month outfits, and I’ve enjoyed the transition since the new clothes are too cute!


10 points to Gryffindor!

You have finally started to smile! Good grief. Babies are supposed to smile by 8 weeks, and you waited so long I started to get worried. You’re a bit of a grumpy kid, Denver, so when you do smile it lights up the room. When we were at the pediatrician this week, you were screaming, per usual. All of a sudden, you stopped screaming and gave Dad and me the biggest, goofiest grin. I have no idea why you were so upset or what caused you to become so happy. It is a hilarious memory now.

First smile on camera

First smile on camera

While at the pediatrician, you survived your 2 month shots. You cried during the shots, which took about 30 seconds, and stopped immediately when Dad picked you up. After, you spent the afternoon sleeping in my arms and moaning. It was so sweet and pitiful. 24 hours later, you were back to your usual wiggly self, and now you should be safe from many scary diseases!

Grumpy face at pediatrician

Grumpy face at pediatrician

This month you started to enjoy reading. A few times each day, we sit in the rocking chair and read together. My favorite books to read to you are Go, Dog. Go! and A Fly Went By. Dad and I are still working on making reading a part of your bedtime routine because you tend to be fussy in the evening. On the bright side, you are sleeping 5-7 hour stretches on a consistent basis. Praise God! The biggest struggle right now is 4-6am when you kick around playfully in your bassinet for 2 hours. I am not sure what to do except wait out this phase since you’re not hungry, messy, or upset during this time. You’re simply awake.

Bassinet fun

Bassinet fun

Right around 6 weeks, Dad and I took you to Edwin Warner Park for family pictures. I wasn’t sure how you’d behave, since lately you’ve been fussy around 11am, but you were a champ. You only cried a bit, cooperated during tummy time, and even took a nap so the photographer could capture your sweet little hands and feet. I love that there are such cute pictures capturing the newborn phase of your life. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them and sharing them with your family one day.

Family Picture Day

Family Picture Day – Chillin in the sun

Dad imitating your grumpy face

Dad imitating your grumpy face

Looking at Mama

Looking at Mama

Family bonding

Family bonding

Denver, I love being your mama. The first month of your life felt like survival mode. This second month has been a delight. Stay little for as long as possible.


With love,


One Month Letter To Denver

Dear Denver,

I’ve officially been your mama for one month now, and it has been an experience! I knew next to nothing about babies before becoming your mama. For instance, you are the first baby whose diaper I’ve changed! I now am a champion diaper changer, except when you surprise me with waterfalls. I can swaddle, not quite as smoothly as your dad, but well enough to keep you warm and comfortable. I know how to take care of an umbilical cord, and I know that it shouldn’t ooze for weeks or it will have to be cauterized. Further, you and I have made it through our first month of breastfeeding. You have definitely not made it easy on me since you only like to lay on your right side, and due to some latch issues early on, I had to take two rounds of antibiotics for Mastitis. I’m still working with you, though, and I pray we make it to six months!


You are a snuggle bug. When you first came home, I tried to consistently put you to sleep in your bassinet for naps. Some days this worked really well. Around three weeks, though, you decided that you prefer napping in my arms. After one incredibly fussy day, I gave in. I now struggle to let you nap in your bassinet at all since you’re so sweet sleeping in my arms. I don’t get quite as much done around the house, but you’re only little for so long, and I’m going to enjoy the peaceful moments when I can. Besides, your startle reflex is still intense, and you flail much less often when you’re being held. Dad is also enjoying the nap time snugs on weekends, and watching him hold you is basically the sweetest sight in the world.


You are on mitten patrol, little man! Goodness, every time I turn my back, you scratch your face and it bleeds. You even scratched your eye! The pediatrician assures me this will heal, but I’m still waiting.


Speaking of the pediatrician, you scream at every appointment for the duration of the appointment. What gives? It would appear that you’ve inherited my anxiety in doctor’s offices. Luckily, your pediatrician is a pro and doesn’t panic like your mama during the freak outs.


You love to stretch. When you wake up in the morning and stretch, your face turns red, your neck leans all the way back, your arms and legs extend completely, and you get this goofy grin on your face. Sometimes you decide to stretch while I’m moving you from the bassinet to the changing table, and I am afraid you will jump out of my arms since you are able to move in ways I didn’t realize were possible. Also, you are a pooping machine, and I think it’s hilarious to watch you. Beforehand, you get a very serious look on your face, so I nearly always know what you’re thinking about. You even had projectile poop one early a.m. while your dad was changing you. Dad doesn’t think this is funny, but I do. A little water bug, you love bath time. This is hilarious because you hated spot baths in the sink. Twice a week we set up your baby bathtub, Dad pours water over you, and you grow very still and calm, quite the contrast from your usual wiggly self.


Parenthood has been a tough adjustment for Dad and me. Your soft spot caves in sometimes which is terrifying to watch, it’s taken the entire month to learn how to calm you down when you’re especially upset, and sleep deprivation is no joke. Your dad wakes up with me throughout the night to give you a bottle while I pump since we’re still working on your latch, so we are both very tired parents. We’re finally adjusting, and we are so thankful that you’re part of our family. You have your own shelf in the bathroom, and it makes me smile when I see it each day! Your dad and I pray for you in the evenings before placing you in bed, we sing “Jesus Loves Me,” and we look forward to the day when you will be praying and singing with us.

I love you, Denver, my little dude man. Happy one month!


With love,


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